AoE: DE Raid on Babylon HOW? Update

So I’m trying to get this campaign done and I am STUCK on this level. I have reviewed the previous thread on this level, but it seems like the devs have changed up things since 2019, but by no means is it easier.

The AI squads still mob you hard pretty much straight away with superior units. I tried a consolidated attack on the Yellow and Brown leaving the Orange and Red be, but couldn’t wipe out the bases before I was eventually swallowed up and overrun. If you rush with the initial units, there are more priests inside Babylon now and that no longer works.

Anyone played this level recently?

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Hey, I’m the creator of the scenario. Here’s my personal tips on how to beat this very challenging scenario!

  1. Capture the Villagers just south of your starting position and immediately harass the Gutians (orange) (kill villagers, destroy their TC, etc.) to prevent them from becoming a threat. Start building and gathering resources right away.

  2. While doing that, send a chariot east to collect the first group of Kassite (Gaia) cavalry located in the east. Send some cavalry back west to assist in finishing off the Gutians as a threat (don’t worry about destroying all of their houses once their TC and villagers are down). Send another cavalry unit throughout the eastern portion of the map to collect more cavalry.

  3. Hopefully by now you have enough of a force to harass Yamhad (brown), again focusing on hit and run attacks on their economy while avoiding their towers. They will also defend a small coastal area just SW of your starting position that includes berry bushes. If you can slow Yamhad down sufficiently while continuing to grow and exploit the resources, including those in the near E portion of the map, you will be able to eventually steamroll Yamhad, who is your biggest threat in this early portion of the game. Try to get a stone thrower for the enemy towers and take advantage of the Hittite’s +50% HP bonus to defeat Yamhad. You may also want to start building some defenses to protect your SE flank from the Babylonians.

I think from there it’s just a matter of controlling resources down the Levantine coast and in the E to put yourself in a position where you can do a hard and fast strike against Babylon. Key is to not get too committed to destroying all of their towers. You just need to capture the Artifact and bring it out of the city.

Hope that helps!


I played it this year.