AoE:DE Release Celebration Streams

Hi all, If you missed the AoE:DE Mixer stream with @Cysion yesterday you can watch the VoD here:

There will be another AoE:DE Mixer stream today at 3 PM PST (11 PM UTC) on the Xbox Tips and Tricks channel here:

There will also be an AoE:DE Mixer stream this coming Monday, February 19th at 2 PM PST (10 PM UTC). More information about the event here:

Time to pay.

It’s not showing any video on my phone :confused:

@Penelinfi said:
It’s not showing any video on my phone :confused:

The VoD from today’s stream doesn’t appear to be available yet.

Tips and Tricks Mixer stream VoD:

The interview with @jennywaboom about AoE:DE starts at 59 min 0 sec.

One tidbit of news from the stream is that there is a player guide for AoE:DE currently being worked on by Microsoft which may be available on release day.

We should have a forum 4v4 on release day.