AoE:DE remade soundtracks

@Teutonicus said:
If you are looking at soundcloud, the composer uploaded another title named “Battle of Tunis”, which is the “Battle / Egyptian Hymn” soundtrack of the original AoE and not a part of the new official 22 tracks. There will be more I guess. At least this one :slight_smile:

Actually they really nailed it. Its a good remake!

here is the original:

I prefer original version of this track:

In De they have changed something (instruments?)

They’ve changed a lot of things, including the composition of the track and melody. That one you listed I don’t mind. It’s still coherent :slight_smile:

Egyptian Hymn is my favorite track from the original AoE. I do prefer the original, but the remaster is really well done, nailed it! It has to be included in the final release of DE, or I’ll villie rush FE >:)

Well, they changed a lot of musical instruments that the effect is different form e, in this case I prefer the original. :smiley:

Anyway, I’d like the music to be modifiable as in all original AoEs in which you just need to replace the audio files in the game directory so that you can customize it to your liking (AoE I, II, III, AoM, RoN, AoM, etc …)

Sorry for my very bad english. :disappointed:

Given that it’s still the old AoE engine, they’ll probably have the soundtracks in the sound/music folder. It might be one large single file as used in UPatch. I guess you could mix up your own custom one of your favourites

I would be so much disappointed if my favoutrite track isnt remastered.


If entire original AOE soundtrack isn’t remade, I’ll play it with my old CD when playing AOE DE!! :slight_smile: Specially for the first track when entering a new game. I would love so much the remake this track!