AoE DE Steam modding?

AoE DE is coming to steam yay!

Now my question is, once avalable on steam, will it be modable through the work shop or any other kind of system like AoE2HD?
For mods such as IA + IU.

I have so many brilliant ideas for AoE DE mods.

It’s been confirmed that AoE2 DE will have some kind of modding system that runs through in order to support both Microsoft Store and Steam users. It will, most likely, be the same for AoEDE.


I thank you, I hope this will be the case.

The only reason modding isn’t supported now is because the installation folder and files are locked with the W10 version of the game due to it being UWP. Since the Steam version won’t be locked within the WindowsApps folder, modding should most likely be possible unless there’s some sort of additional DRM involved. I don’t believe the devs have said anything about supporting mods for AoE1 DE, only AoE2 DE, so it’s probably unlikely they’ll include the mod system that they have planned for AoE2 DE; at least at launch.

As for graphical mods, my SLX Studio app already has the ability to read and create 4.0X SLPs that AoE1 DE uses for sprites.