AOE DE Update 8 Discussion


On game main menu in the bottom left corner is a string of numbers which identifies the version. What version does the game on your PC show? The latest before Update #8 was 14215.


Then I’m still running with the old version. Maybe they could mention the release version when announcing next time that an update has been released.


They haven’t released an update though, right? I could answer this in a few seconds at home but at work on lunch.


You are absolutely correct. It’s still in the works. I forgot that fact. My bad.

@MySlugLikesSalt Your problem is not related to any AOE update. Please post a new topic if you would like to get some help with it.


Eh, I’m 95% sure it is related to an update, just not this one. As I said, it just updated for me the other day.


Well, just try the following. Use Cortana search glass and type devmgmt.msc, then right click and launch as administrator. Unfold audio devices, right click your audio device and choose update driver and then click search automatically for updated driver software. If this doesn’t help, please open a new topic, as it’s off topic here and not related to the soon to be expected AOE DE update.