AOE DE Update 8 Discussion

What would you like to see included in this update? or what other things you expect to be added?

My list

  • Flare
  • Networking Issues
  • Matchmaking / ELO system
  • A real spectating system
  • Better lobbies

I was about creating my own topic but I’ll paste it there :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally something new for first anniversary.

The beginning of more upcoming updates, or the only anniversary thing we’ll get this year ?

I hope there will be something in this update for multiplayer because there is nothing in the patch notes.

I hope they’ll fix the LAN crashes, at least they would give true error messages.

Really, at this point my big wish is for better unit behavior controls. Defensive/ aggressive/ hold ground/ passive" stances instead of the current “activated ability” type hold ground he wave now.

A distant “would love” is formations to be added in, but I know that is a pretty big feature that is not likely to be patched in.

Hey friends, those are my suggestions, please tell me your thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Please, PLEASE, add gates. Their non-existence is not a “feature”, is a limitation. I play this game since I was a kid in 1999 and never found any sense on building walls without gates. What is the porpoise of walls if you need holes on them for your units to get out, but the enemies can get in through them?
  • Make units ordered to move to a same location gather closer to each other. If you aren’t going to add formations, make at last their behavior on groups more precise.
  • Add as units behaviors the “aggressive” and “defensive” stance, and “non-attack” for catapults. Having your catapults always firing automatically and killing your own units was enervating ever since, as when your units persecute enemies forever, entering their bases and dying.
  • And FINISH the game graphics, please. Add the Egyptian Tool Age house model; Make the cheat code units look as the new graphics; Substitute the old icon figures with the new ones, for those where it wasn’t yet.
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Gates, units orders, behavior, formations => These are all Age of Empires 2 features and should not be brought in the 1.

Game graphics => Yes, but there are more important problems than cheat codes units.


Saw that, and also saw there was no mention of ELO… but still good to hear there will be an update.

It would be cool if the speed of decay for the units and buildings could be adjusted. I enjoyed seeing enemy bases in ruins with their dead littering the scene.

unbalanced games on multiplayer, many bugs, lack of support. I used to love this game in the past (before it was renewed), last days I am with a feeling that I was hardly cheated by this game company and just put my money in a trash can.

I would also like to see on the timeline, the exact time of tool, bronze, and iron. Like it is shown in AOE2. Flairs would be a great addition, because I would not know if my team mate needs help exactly where.

Gates not too important, just del a wall or house and rebuild it later. Though it would make life a bit easier with gates hehe.

Ages on timeline already exist. (chronology)

i am talking about the exact timestamp shown on the timeline, kind of like how aoe2 does it.

Networking Issues
Matchmaking / ELO system
A real spectating system
Better lobbies

I agree with all, speacially on networking issues. Is so ■■■■ boring when your game drops with no reason

Please add Scenario transfer - I want to play my custom maps online but with no transfer feature is pretty much impossible. :frowning:


Great news! Keep up the good work. I am looking foward March news :grinning:

Aaand now the game has no audio for me. The 3 opening logos/intro have audio just fine, but once I hit the main menu, nada. Even if I start a game there’s still no audio. All sound settings are maxed out. Even tried reinstalling the game. Honestly, I’d rather have audio than auto-queuing farms…

Does anybody know when in March is the Big annoucement?? Thanks!!

Is the update already live ? Did you lose music only or all audio including in game ?

Well my game just updated… I guess it could have been a different update; I didn’t play long enough to see if the new changes were in or not, because it is indeed all audio that’s gone, not just the music.