Aoe Definitive Edition 8GB Ram


I was recently given a mid range gaming laptop. It meets all the recommended specs for this game bar the Ram. It has 8GB. I can see the minimum is 4GB and the recommended 16GB.

Will I be able to play the game? Does it really need 16GB? Thanks for your help.

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It depends on the resolution of your laptop screen or external monitor if used.

If you want to play at 4K resolution with all zoom options you will need the 16 GB.
I’m not sure about this, but for Full HD (1920x1080) or lower it could be that 8 GB is enough.

Maybe someone else on the forum can confirm this.

RAM usage depends on the zoom (1x, 2x, 4x) and how many different buildings/units there is in the match you are playing.

If zoom is set to 1x then 8 GB of RAM will be enough in any game.

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Thanks both. The resolution of my screen is full HD 1920x1080. So do you think 8GB will be ok?

I think it’s sufficient, but 16 GB is always better. You could buy memory expansion for that laptop. Still the playability also depends on the number of cores and used GPU.

GPU is a geforce gtx1050ti and the cpu is an 8th gen i5 that reaches 4ghz.

It wouldn’t be wasted money to lift that laptop to 16 GB as it is recommended, but these specs should be decent enough to enjoy the game.

Perfect, thanks for your advice. I think I will look into upgrading eventually, but I’m glad I can enjoy the game if I doctor buy it before hand. Do you have any recommendations on where to by Ram? I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to Pc gaming

You can check here what options you have regarding a memory upgrade for your laptop. Also you can check if there is one 8 GB installed or 2x 4 GB from factory build. But the best thing to do is always to buy the exact same modules. So you choose 2x 8 GB or 2x 16 GB of same brand if supported by your laptop. You could also open the laptop to check which module is installed at the moment (if it’s one 8 GB e.g.), then you could try to find exactly that part number online.

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I installed it on a 6GB RAM laptop its working

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Thanks you everyone I really appreciate all your help

Bought the game today and it runs perfectly. I think I will eventually upgrade the Ram but at the moment I’m happy.

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