AoE Definitive Edition and Health Bars

So one of the first thing I noticed about Age of Empires 1 and 2 (HD as well), after playing it again hyping myself up for the Definite Edition and AoE 4, is that there ain’t permanent Health Bars. Whenever you want to see the Health of your forefront soldiers taking the heat or the ones you’re attacking, you got to click on the soldier to see it’s hp or just mouseover your entire army. That can be quite frustrating when micro is involved, if not nearly impossible to do proper at all.

I have been searching around and it doesn’t appear any solution is possible, in terms of downloading a modifer (if that is even considered acceptable in the first place).

So my question is, given the fact no consistent Health Bars were made for AoE 2 HD, if that will remain the same for AoE Definite Edition? Maybe it has been confirmed that it will / won’t and I just can’t find it.

Permanent bars were not in the original. If such a thing were implemented it would need to be a toggle option, as having bars permanent will ruin the aesthetics of the game for single player campaigns.

It would be good for faster micro but I’d like it as an option. Would help check the enemies health too :slight_smile:

AoE 3 has the permanent Health Bars :blush:

ya i would like the option to toggle permanent health bars

There never were health bars. Those are exclusive to AoE3 - personally, I wouldn’t want to see them in the earlier games. Too much clutter. Although, they would be useful for quickly checking which units need healing the most…