Aoe freezes on download windows 10 game pass ultimate

Hi. Any help with this. It keeps freezing as soon as download starts. Even if I try and delete it I cant. It says deleting but then it automatically starts download again and freezes straight away. So cant download or delete. Any info much appreciated. Thanks

Are you using the Xbox app (beta) for Windows?

Yes I am. Can you help please??

I had the same problem with another game on the GamePass, I just had to wait a while until it eventually worked. But the issue in the Xbox app kept happening, it only worked through Microsoft Store. Eventually the game showed up as installed in the Xbox app as well, but the download occured through the Store.

Hi. Thanks for that. Exact same issue happening through the store. Just freezes at start of download. I delete game it automatically come back after few seconds and starts download then freezes. Exactly same as through xbox app.

What if you manually click the download arrow in the Store once it freezes?