AoE Gold

Hi all. I have a copy of AoE gold, and have been playing it hassle free on my PC. I do however want to play on my laptop, however it doesn’t have a CD drive. When I click single player on the app which I’ve moved via a hard drive, it says CD must be in for game to run. Does anyone know how to fix this, or if there’s a patch where one can play the game without the CD being in the laptop?

Hi @FatBigMac69, Using an external USB disc drive is the easiest solution. You are referring to the gold edition of the first Age of Empires, correct? Alternatively, look into the userpatch. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition should also be on sale during the next Steam sale for 50% off or more.

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@RadiatingBlade yes correct this is the version of Age of Empires that I am using. Is the user patch available easily?

Yes. If you search online you can find it.