AoE II Companion App (with country leaderboards & push notifications)

Hi, I am working on an app AoE II Companion using the data from

The app is released for Android and iOS.



You can follow other players to see their activity (recent matches) feed.

Push Notifications

You can enable push notifications to get notified when a player you are following starts a match.

Your Profile

After entering your steam / xbox username you have access to your profile page. There you find your current rating, your rating history and recent matches . You can also fetch stats about your most played civs, maps, allies and opponents .


You can search for users and see their profile .


Display the leaderboard for RM 1v1, RM Team, DM 1v1, DM Team and Unranked. You can also filter the leaderboard by country . If you are ranked in the leaderboard you have selected, your rank will be shown above the list.

Build Orders

I embedded the site with some useful build orders .


Overview of all civilizations and their team bonus . Civilization detail page with info about their strengths and tech tree .


Overview of all units. Unit detail page with unit stats, unit counters and a list of all upgrades that can be researched and their effects . You can also compare stats of different units.


Overview of all techs. Tech detail page with information about affected units and civ availability.


I want to thank the authors of the following open source projects and wikis:, aoe2techtree, Age of Empires II Wiki, FlagKit. The app was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Age of Empires II.

If you find any bugs or have suggestions for improving the app write in the comments or join the discord server :slight_smile:


Minor app updates are not always pushed to the app stores. See Over-the-Air (OTA) updates for update instructions.


I can only say that i love this app


I have been using your app for few weeks. It’s excellent, keep up the good work !
I love the compact tech tree and info about civilizations, very usefull.

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Sick! I’ll check it out now!

Update: I love it :blush:

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Awesome job! Thank you for building this!

Your app is awesome man!

Thank you!

This is cool!

A minor thing I just found is that the app might be reading some sort of random information or something into the garrison capacity of the units, because I’m pretty sure the units of the camel rider line don’t have a garrison capacity of 1.

(Either that or this is a great day and I’m going to play now.)