AOE II D.E Bad Performance

The game when starting a Random Map, etc. It works perfectly, that if we ignore the stuttering that the camera has, but hey, I am playing just a 2vs2 and it cannot be that from 100+ FPS it happens to dips of 40-25 FPS, this is only given at least in my game when dealing with battles, and it is not that the population is so massive, I have tried even disabling the improved graphics, but it is still the same result, it has not changed at all, now speaking of the competitive Benchmark I have obtained an AVG of FPS of approximately 20-25, obviously with dips at even 7 FPS, I said, well, it will be because of the resolution I am playing in (1920x1080) So I wanted to be an extremist and go to one of the lowest (633x356) and the result was equally disappointing, and not to mention that when the V-Sync is activated, the FPS drops to 40 AVG, being quite annoying too, my GPU and CPU should not even use a quarter of their power to the time to run the benchmark, so there is no neck of b In these two things, I hope you can correct as soon as possible all those lows of FPS as soon as possible, because if you are going to continue like this the competitive one in this version will die very soon.
Sorry if I have not expressed very well, since I don’t speak English, but hey, I think the message was clear and I hope something can be done about it!.

Features of my pc:
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB OC
CPU: I5-7400 3.0 Ghz 4 cores
RAM: 16 GB
OS: Windows 10 64 bits.


Which Monitor are you using?

I have a much stronger PC and mainly the same issue. 2 Monitor Setup

with different HZ Settings. But higher as usual 60.