AoE II: DE at E3 2019

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If you thought, that maybe the guy playing in the first E3 demo gameplay video was not quite the best, then wait till you see this :smiley:
Did it bring back memories of playing AOE 2 for the very first time?

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That ‘guy’ was Nacho. I hope he doesn’t take your comment as an insult.

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Well no one shouldn’t, because that gameplay contained obvious big mistakes and it was a friendly joke. In addition it was not he who played - video originates from taiwanese gaming site.

Still no good reason to criticise someone’s play that way,

Hmm, I view this as a very minor critique to call someone “not quite the best”. Mild thing IMO. Only thing better than that is to pretty much call someone “the best”. Which would not be a correct thing to do in this case.

Actually I found that first E3 video to be quite painful and funny at the same time at those moments when player moved his army pointlessly around while enemy units were attacking. And then that mass suicide at the end instead of patiently waiting near his trebs! :smiley: I actually think, that maybe he suicided his units on purpose just for fun or because he got tired of playing. Anyways no reason to take all this too seriously.

Watch this! Absolutely fantastic!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


The graphical update seems really modest on the buildings. Hopefully there’s improved AI, pathing or something that really stands out.

Regardless I’m excited just like I was with AOE DE.

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I wish they keep the original sounds

It looks stunning. Only I do find it difficult to see each unit’s health bar.

They should always use the dark variant of the unit’s main color and put a bright version (full health) of that color against it. That way you will see the decrease and increase (by priest) of each and every health bar better.

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Wow this is amazing!!!it feels a little odd after 20 years of playing it but i think i we can handle this…

The music seems to have been remade, something that I disagree =(

Original but remastered

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looks fantastic, counting the days to play!!

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I enjoyed this gameplay video so much :slight_smile: Everything is so beautiful and natural, simply great! Also sound was very good!


Hahahaha, Galleys are still waiting the attack rework. Poor of them, they were left aside ;(

I’m pretty sure I heard some AoE3 sounds in there which felt really weird.

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This is some of the best news one could get. I’m glad there is a new (old) version coming.

One thing i would like to ask is, giving the E-Sports growth alond the years, will there be a “spectate” option to further enhance gameplay broadcast?

Best regards,
Paulo Brinca.

Also AOE:DE, the sound of the arrows


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Looks beautiful! I can’t wait.

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