AoE II: DE at E3?

So, the official AoE account on Twitter posted the following image at June 3:


If you “translate” it to the hotkeys used to build/use the images, you would get:

C U A T E 3

Is it time to hype it already?

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“More info, including new civilizations, will be revealed in the briefing.”


Evidently there will be a segment on the Xbox E3 briefing dedicated to AoE II: DE.

Expansion maybe? Or just like, will be live with the DE?

Seems like they edited the post.
Original post said: “Attendees will be able to experience stunning 4K Ultra HD graphics, a new, fully remastered soundtrack, and 4 new civilizations during an on-hands demo of the game.”


4? That’s interesting - I wonder if they’re adding a new architectural set.

Also, I wonder if they’re now adding proper voice narration to the original Forgotten Empires expansion.

Yes, I can cofirm that, post initially said 4 civs.

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@ESOCNiceKING @IamDalv Cysion responded on Reddit about the blog post edit.

“To avoid misunderstandings, the edit was just to clarify that the floor demo doesn’t feature the new civs. The number is still 4 and they’ll all be presented during E3 :)”




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You can, and you will!

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It just looks so beautiful. Except for new civs there’s also a new campaign The Last Khans

If someone wants to watch the video again.

Umm… we are gonna get some actual info today too, right?

Better check other sources for info. I got tired about those trailers and marketing speeches at E3. Trailers don’t show full truth about games anyway

Apparently there’s a floor demo at E3, and I thought they were doing some kind of playthrough or demo thing and telling us what the new civs are.

But when is this?

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E3 starts June 11th. Cysion said the new civs won’t be playable on the show floor.

I really wanted to hear more info about the game too. I suppose that will come over the next few days.


Of course. This was mainly about Xbox game releases. I thought they would announce that the AOE games would be brought to the Xbox platform too.