AoE II: DE Building Set Feedback (Non Insider Discussion)

Hi all, as a history student I am glad to see that the team is giving the buildingsets of the game a remake.
The screenshot of Constantinople looks great, but I have one remark at the monastery: byz%20monastery
It is an Italian Catholic renaissance styled church, and not a Greek Orthodox church. I am glad to see that the Byzantines get the Mediterranean building set, but it would be nice if there would be space for an earlier type of church which was shared by the Italians as well as the Byzantines. An example is the Torcello Cathedral, wich is an Veneto-byzantine church. The Hagios Demetrios at Thessaloniki could also be an example. (More pictures are comming in the following posts).

Link to Torcello Cathedral (left building, veneto-byzantine): Torcello Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Another Byz-venice church: Murano


The picture below is a beautiful Italian church ( Santa Maria Novella in Florence). The similarities between the AOE church and the real Italian one a striking. Santa_Maria_Novella-ITalianchurch

The look of the earlier medieval churches here below are quite different
Byzantine monastery in Constantinople: Monastery of the Pantocrator

Byzantine ghost-town of Mystras, near Sparta: Mystras ghostcity


So cool, thanks for sharing!

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The should give them Greek voices instead of Latin.


Here a picture of a medieval Byzantine church: Church%20mystras


This. But don’t expect much. I’m pretty sure there are uncountable other inaccuracies in there to complain just for this church. I’m more interested to see what people said to the relevant question in that MS’s survey. I think there was a question in there asking if historical accuracy in buildings,units, etc is considered important or not.



Byzantines are a spit from Romans, so they would’ve used Italian Architecture

Err… yeah, except they didn’t, and they were Greeks not Italians.


It’s funny a Roman Emperor founded it

Yes, of course, it was originally the Eastern half, but Byzantium lasted for a thousand years and for most of that time it was a Greek Orthodox state. They stopped using the Latin rite at (or even before) the very start of the AoE era.


nah the roman building were built by greek architects

Keep in mind that the “Mediterranean” set will not only be shared by Byzantine and Italians, but also Portuguese and Spanish. Finding a solution that would suit all 4 civs is pretty much impossible.


However Italians,Portuguese and Spanish are all western Latin Catholics, while Byzantines eastern Greek Orthodox. 2 different cultural groups.
I’d say it’s still on whether one prefers a plethora of civs to play with or fewer but very distinctive ones. I’m more of the 2nd approach.
It can be a turn off seeing civs of different culture groups getting mixed up.


I think you are right, there are beautiful examples of byzantine architectures that could be a good example for a more realistic design.


Enserio, cambiaran la arquitectura bizantina, perfecto, los bizantinos tenian la arquitectura de oriente medio, cosa que no pegaba con lo romano, al igual que la facción de la India, arreglaran la arquitectura bizantina.

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Mongolia is using Japanese style building,can you believe that?


Yo cambiaria la arquitectura de los mongoles, a unos edificios con estilo nomada, y castillos mas de madera o piedra, sin ese estilo japones.

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If accurate Byzantine buildings won’t be added to the vanilla game, do we know if the game will have mod support?


Same here. I’m eager to know whether DE will support mods. But even it does, it is difficult for junior modders like me to create my own destruction anim. Or I hope they create new church building for Byzantine, and upgrade east Asian buildings lest they still use straw as roof in castle age, it is very strange design, as they are only straw buildings in castle age.

Constantine is seen as the founder of the Eastern Roman empire. Byzantine is just a name given by historians to that ERE. Technically they are not a split from the Roman empire because that would mean that the byzantines would be a break-away state of the Romans wich is not the case. Its a continuation of the Roman state, though the western part did indeed fall, it didnt mean the whole empire fell.
After the fall of Rome, Italy fell into the sphere of influence of Constantinople for some centuries. The Italian architecture itself became a mixture of Roman AND byzantine architecture. A lot of inspiration came from Byzantine architecture as seen in the following examples. While the middle ages progressed, the Italian style became more distinctive, especially when the renaissance started (which partially was sparked by Byzantine art and scholars).

San Marco, Venice:: San%20Marco%2C%20Byzantine%20mosaics
As you can see, much of the artstyle and also the construction is based on the agia Sofia


An early type of basilica, Byzantine building.

The Byzantine influence was most notable in Sicily and southern Italy, Ravenna and Venice.

More information:

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