AoE II: DE Composer & Devs

Has there been any news at all about who is the composer on the AoE II: DE soundtrack? I am just about as excited for the soundtrack as the game itself. The AoE: DE soundtrack was available long before release, so I’m hoping the AoE II: DE soundtrack is available soon.

Also any idea what the contributions of Tantalus and Wicked Witch are to the project? I haven’t seen any info on this either. Is it possible one of the additional dev teams is working on all the game audio including the soundtrack?


As a fan of physical audio CDs, I was saddened for AoE DE 1’s CD soundtrack, that they designed entirely, was only reserved for some bunch of loteries, instead of being sold widely on the market.

Still couldn’t get one of these :frowning:

Hope they’ll change it for AoE 2 DE.

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