AOE II: DE Won't download or install via Microsoft Store

The Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition game doesn’t download or install on my PC via the Microsoft Store no matter what I do. Tried resetting the store app, erasing the cache, re-installing the Game Services app, re-installing the Xbox Console Companion App, and other sorts of things recommended by Microsoft Support with no luck so far. All I get is an error message stating: “Try again later. Something happened on our end”.

Other apps download/install fine from the store except this game and the previous version (Age of Empires: Definitive Edition). Am I missing something here? I want to play this game (and the first part) so badly, but I’m out of luck. The only option I have is to “Reset my PC”, but that’s not viable right now as I use the laptop for work all the time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Has anyone experienced something like this? Any help will be appreciated.

Have the same issue here i really hope they fix that problem fast. :frowning:

Salut, j’ai ceux problème depuis ce matin ! J’ai acheter le jeu ce matin et j’ai un problème similaire, j’ai fait toute les manipulations possible conseillée sur le forum… J’en peux plus… J’ai passer 2 heures ce matin avec le standar de Microsoft sans avoir reçu d’aide… " Veuillez patientez 24h il semblerais que se soit dû à un problème avec le développeur" … C’est eux les devs il me semble… Enfin bref, j’pense qu’acheter ce jeux sur Microsoft Store est une vrai arnaque… Allez sur steam mes gens ! :slight_smile: Perso’ j’pense que j’suis destiner à jamais jouer au jeux ahah

They’ve issued other updates for the game (including the first version which is AOE: Definitive Edition) but the issue persists. Completely disappointed with how poor development has been from the Microsoft team. Given that it’s impossible to download/install this game or the other version, it seems that I’ve lost my money. Guess that you’re better off playing the original games which are much more stable than this crap. Many people have complained about how many bugs both versions of the game have, no matter if it’s downloaded from Steam or the Windows Store. I’m giving up now.

Hi there! I’m sorry that there continues to be trouble downloading the game. Have you already tried all of the troubleshooting steps in our FAQ?

If there’s still issues after trying those then your best bet is to contact the Microsoft Store Support Team since they will have more troubleshooting steps than our team.

I am having the same problem. I have alerted them to the problem three times so far but have had no reply.
I originally launched the game from the usual icon in the start menu only to have the Microsoft Store open. I wondered if this was a shortcut problem at first but found pretty quickly that there is no longer an executable file in a game folder any more… everything is in a hidden folder now and even after taking ownership of the folder and viewing its contents I can still find no executable file. I then uninstalled the game and attempted to reinstall from the Microsoft Store which also didn’t work.
I now get an error showing up in the Microsoft Store which doesn’t tell me what is causing it nor how it could be fixed. The Microsoft Store has always been a very difficult place for me to find anything but the latest facelift has made it no better and it remains as convoluted as ever.
I can’t re-Install AOEII-DE and cannot contact anyone who could help fix it so I am wondering how their repeat business has been. Even EA games weren’t this bad.

Ugh for anyone else with this issue, I spent weeks trying to fix.

With my scenario I had AOE2:DE installed and needed to do a fresh install of windows. After install I loaded up the xbox app and tried to install AOE2:DE but it would not work, error 0x80070002 everytime.

Subtly tonight I notice when I try and install through xbox app that it initially says “Updating” mm, weird.
So after the failed attempt to install (do NOT remove the failed attempt) you can search for the game and ‘uninstall’.

Then once that is finished (I assume removing something from my onedrive folder) it will then give you the option to install and it will do just that!
I hope this helps someone.

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My man… Just show you appreciation I registered a account on this site to say you are my HERO!! I spent more than 4hours and reinstalled Win11 twice… Countless YT vids and more. Going through useless Microsoft help… The above fixed my issue!!! Thank you so much man…

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Glad it helped someone :slightly_smiling_face: