AoE II: DE working for mac?

Hello, I just recently signed up for the new AoE prerelease beta. I just recently upgraded my laptop to a Macbook pro, prior to that i had a Dell laptop. i couldn’t figure out if the game will run on a mac?

If it does work on a macbook pro, then how do i run the Directx Diagnostics check on my mac?

Thank you all for the help.

I would look into a bootcamp solution. You’ll only need to buy a Windows 10 license for that and I would recommend a Pro version. A bootcamp partition for Windows 10 of around 80-100 GB should be enough, make sure you keep at least around 2.5 times the internal memory of free space, so 16 GB ram means at least 48 GB free disk space (for swap and memory dump reports).


thank you for the information.

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If you have performed a fresh install of Windows 10 using bootcamp then don’t forget to enable Direct Play afterwards.

Im playing on a mac with bootcamp. (2015 15 inch) works very well on 1080p resolution. Installing bootcamp is quite the process however.