AoE II DLC - New Historical Timespan

Is there a way to get an Age of Empires II DLC that could be in a newer or different period in history?

I think this could create a new continuum for those who love the AoE II gameplay and visuals but could play for example:
-Post Colonial
-Industrial Revolution
-Atomic Age
-Modern Era

I enjoy playing Rise of Nations as well and feel Age of Empires is missing this and the AoE III and AoE IV just don’t appeal or honestly entertain me like the AoE II gameplay. This could be a large revenue generation for Microsoft for multiple DLC packages I’d love to buy.

My thoughts are if it isn’t broke (meaning the massive global and cultural success of the AoE II franchises) then why fix it? Why not just expand upon the fantastic gameplay within the current DE engine/mechanics and create new spans of time in history, resources or weapons, and if wanted civilizations to go with the new weapons, technologies invented in these respective timespans?

If this is a forum/post please let me know. Couldn’t find this searching

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I would love to see Rise of Nations Definitive Edition. It is also a Microsoft Game, maybe it can reboot it.


What about a German dlc?
Bavarians, Saxons, Prussians.

Prussians had a special gun where they could recharge while lying on the floor. This would make a great unique unit, with a click it is lying on the floor and accuracy of enemy range units is decreased by 90%

Estaría cool, pero en lo que respecta la disminución de la precisión enemiga pienso que debería ser un 50% o un 60% por que sino estaría muy rota