AOE II: HD and DE - Feature Suggestion

Something I’d like to see in a future patch or brought into the DE version is the ability to slow the progression through the Ages / Upgrades but still have unit/worker speed set at normal/fast.

Currently, if you want a slower game through the ages, you set game speed to slow. But that makes workers / units slower.

I’d like to enjoy the earlier ages rather than rushing to Imperial Age within the first 20mins. The Dark Age and Feudal Age would be fun to have some pre-wars in…rather than rushing to Imperial and just building the best dudes.


So you mean that the upgrades simple take longer? You can make a data mod for that if you want to.

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changge the engine and graph,I do not want to play 2D game in 2019.
or aoe2:de will turn out to be a disaster just like aoe1:de.
believe it or not,we can wait and see.

AoE: DE was no disaster imo. Everything worked as meant to for me. And see the huge difference from the original? Expect the same with 2 DE

How would I go about creating a datamod for that? Basically I’d like for upgrades and time between Ages to take much longer. Like 30mins-45mins per Age. But still have villagers and units move at Fast pace.

Well, then this is not the game you should be playing…