AoE III D.E. Installed

I finally intalled and played the recent AoE III D.E. it was awesome as it fits my expectations, however the game doesn’t run quite smoothly due to the slighlt graphics supperceding my laptop’s 2 GB graphics card. I had to ajust the video resolution so anyone will be welcome to share suitable adjustment for my laptop that AoE III D.E. runs smoothly. My laptop specs are; -

2GB, graphics card, AMD R5 M430.


370 GB free disk space.

4GHz CPU speed.

your graphics card is utter trash and slower then the one in my 2016 laptop :smiley:

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Well Im thinking about external graphics card that suit my laptop model requirements. Anyway what video resolution and game changes that I opt for to make AoE III D.E. more smoother to run on???