AoE III DE: Mexican civ and 'Fiesta Mexicana' event update has been released! 🌵🇲🇽🐍 (Update 54545)


Welcome, trailblazers, to another exciting release for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition!

There are some fantastic new updates to maps, a new mod rating system, and even a new civilization! While there are plenty of notable fixes and features in today’s update, here are some of the big highlights of what you can expect to see:

** New Mexico Civilization DLC!*
** Maximum unit selection increased to 95*
** Unlockable US + Mexico Explorer skins*
** 6 NEW United States Cards*
** Updates to United States Federal Age-Up Cards*
** Loads of AI improvements!*
** American Map Updates: Texas, California, Rockies and Painted Desert*
** New Mods Star Rating system replaces the old Thumbs up system.*

:eagle:Rest of the patch notes can be accessed by clicking on the link below or header graphic: :clipboard:
Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Update 54545 - Age of Empires

As usual- a lot of smaller and bigger adjustments, fixes and additions. Obviously, nothing to say about Mexico civ itself, but support for the game is still going strong.
Bumping unit selection limit to 95 alone is worth downloading this update tbh. I’m very happy to see numerous AI improvements, they are certainly needed and welcome.

:unlock: :mexico: :mexico: :mexico:
Official news about release of Mexico civilization:

Introducing: the Mexico Civilization, new to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition! - Age of Empires


The updates to Painted Desert aren’t listed.

I preordered the DLC but it seems like it has not unlocked Mexico for me. I suppose it is just how steam is set up that it probably won’t unlock until the 1st.

Very good, I liked the patch, it is appreciated.
Best of all, the next update is going to be the Haudenosaunee and Lakota Update!


Yeah this is just a preload. The official release of Mexico civ is set to 01.12.21, so tomorrow (Steam page is showing 23hrs).


Did it say Iro and Sioux are next?
I was hoping for some more balance changes this patch (Inca)

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Because they were listed several patches ago :slight_smile:

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WTF why were outlaws nerfed and not even listed in the patch notes? We finally get useable outlaws and you made them even worse than before now?? Are you okay?? Please fix outlaws the only change they needed was an increase in their coin costs by like 50% but they should NOT have the insane pop cost they have now, why did you ruin dance hall after moving it to Age 4 last patch? Why are you trying to kill the one USA strat for treaty outside of the meta spam volunteers strat??

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Thank you for the update!!

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I like that the California map always has whales. Before it was a matter of luck and taking the sea was also a gamble.


I love the new California!


The devs responsible for the maps have been doing a terrific job every update: new maps, new regions and management!

Even when the maps are forgotten and unpopular they have enough attention and care to look at them and bring reworks and fixes, so they can be interesting and refreshing! That’s exactly what a “Definitive Edition” game needs!

Give these guys a raise!


Could be cool if Mexico was unlockable like USA civ was with the 31 states challenge, but wel I will probably get the DLC later, menawhile the update looks soo promising and really good.


Pretty much every aspect of the game is being improved/expanded/worked on- maps, AI, UI, HC cards and customization, game options and stability-performance of the whole thing.

The only thing I’d ask for more are campaigns and maybe some interesting coop ‘PvE’ modes.
I don’t care about great cinematics or anything, but even without them making decent campaigns that justify a bigger price tag is probably above the capacity of the developers in the current configuration. They would probably have to get more resources (on top of permission ofc) from Microsoft to expand a bit so more people can work on single-player content - mapping, scripting, writing, 2D&3D art.

I’d imagine people in charge wouldn’t want to shift focus from AoE IV too much, but who can say what’s going on behind the curtains and what’s in mind of people taking care of this IP.


Funny that the outlaw nerf that gives rise to everlasting discussions is not even mentioned…I guess there are other stuff that are missing from the patch note.


Many people do not like the Black family campaign because of its lack of historical truth, but for me it was one of the best stories in video games. The conspiracies, the atmosphere and everything in general is memorable.

I want a Napoleonic campaign with cinematics and with at least 24 hours of gameplay or more. With dubbing and everything that a good campaign should include.



You can now customize the Aztecs and the Incas, the hauds and the lakotas must now come. Of course, if they are going to bring reworks or improvements for the civis, it is my speculation.


The last aztec hero skin was really really cool, although bugged. Hope to see something similar. Just have to wait 20 hrs for the Mexico to be unlocked even though it is already 1/12


And hidden outlaw nerf

The same is happening to me.