AOE III on disc

Hi, I have AOE III DE on game pass which is great. I don’t own it but I do own the original age of empires 3 on disc. Plus the warchiefs and asian dynasties expansions.
I have redeemed the product keys on a previous pc that had a disc drive. I sold that pc and reset it. My new pc has no disc drive like most of them don’t. My question is, can my disc copy of the original non definitive version be redeemed somehow? Or it is so obsolete that I might as well biff it out?

The original game is unrelated to the Definitive edition.
The original Product keys are only required for installation and to create a multiplayer account. If you already created an account you don’t need the key anymore to play the game online.

You can’t redeem the key to get a download version, you never could.

The Definitive Edition is 70% off on Steam right now, so you should probably get that.

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