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AOE Improved by Toriga - Mods - Age of Empires

This is my vision for this game,
i wait your feedbacks, i hope you will join and you will like my work

Official Discord: AOE Improved by Toriga

AOE Improved:
500 Pop Cap
AI Improved
Villagers creation faster
Villagers faster
Permanent dead bodies
Walls stronger and slower to build
Units smaller to match the building sizes
General rebalancing
Many other things…

I want create a great community that help me to create the best mod of the game


The problem with the sizes ARE NOT the units. ONLY production buildings were reduced. Yes, the rest of proportions are not 100% accurate, but dont hurt the eyes.

Production buildings were reduced from 3x3 to 2x2.

  • So is how these buildings should be. Although the proportions in these images below are not 100% proportional. They don’t hurt our eyes.


aoe4 gp2

  • And so is as the production buildings see now. This is not for readability, this es because devs reused big buildings skins to do a smaller buildings.

aoe4 bp2

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I do not understand the meaning of your comment.
Have you tried the mod?
If you tried, what problems did you find, what should i improve?

Villagers are already faster than horsemen.

He is just saying that building should be re sized , not units .

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guys but try the mod, and tell me what you think, otherwise these comments are useless, the mod is already done

Can you add a colour picker to the mod?

I Need more information, can you describe me more?

That some buildings should be re sized* Only production buildings are bad. To reduce all units size, would damage playability and the problem with the proportions would remain.

As all of you see here, pruduction buildings are unproportionate even with other buildings.

aoe4 bp2

I mean the ability to pick any player colour, instead of the default blue.

Again, you are off topic.
I resized all, i changed the camera, its different way to play, i wanted It for many reasons, its not only the size of buldings or units, i did It because im creating new gameplay, Is a new approach to play.
Try the mod and give me your feedbacks about, problems, idea, improvements ext, not about other things, dont speak about general topic that i don’t care and arent useful.

I will try, if you add your idea on discord is better

If anything, villager speed should be reduced. What was the reasoning behind this? Better resource collection? Faster villagers would make them practically invulnerable.

Did you try the mod?

I wonder what’s behind that :thinking:

I can try with time create a changelog about all the things i did, but the description have a character limit.
I can sum it all up by saying that I have tried to balance everything out of logic, for example a horse must be 2-3 times faster than a man, the camel is slower than a horse, the elephant must be slower than a camel, a soldier with heavy armor must be stronger than one with light armor etc. etc.
I have rebalanced everything to respond to this kind of logic.

We can discuss about on discord.

nice mod. to bad the base game isnt this

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I cant edit the first post.
This is the new description of mod:

AOE Improved by Toriga

This is my vision for this game,
I wait your feedbacks, i hope you will join and you will like my work

Official Discord:AOE Improved by Toriga

500 Pop Cap
Unit AI Improved
Enemy AI Hardest Improved
Villagers creation faster
Villagers speeder
Permanent dead bodies
Stronger defenses, more resilient and do more damage, but slower to build
All assets scaled to match a realistic proportions
Reality-based rebalancing and intuitive
Added range of missing for archers
New Camera
and more…