AoE IV Beta Participant Forum Badge

Thank you Age IV Beta Participants!

The Age of Empires IV closed beta was a huge success! As a token of our gratitude, everyone who participated has access to the special Age IV beta badge within the official forums, as well as the [Age Insider] Age IV Beta forums title.

Can I change my badge & title?

To enable this badge—or change to any other available badges—simply follow the directions here. If you participated, but do not see this badge as an option, please contact Age Support.

What does the badge represent?

When creating this newest badge, we wanted to stay consistent with the previous iteration, while continuing to represent three elements:

  • Consistency with the Insider brand. We framed the Insider “IN” with a banner in the standard Age Insider badge and wanted to incorporate that general shape into other Insider-related content.
  • The goal of our Insider Program. We view the Age Insider Program as an opportunity for us to embrace your feedback. We value your input and your passion for the Age series, and those things have allowed us to build (and continue building) an amazing franchise together.
  • The activity in which you participated. In this case, the Age IV closed beta! Instead of getting too conceptual, we decided to stay both consistent and direct by once again wrapping the Insider banner around the numerals iconic representing the title.

The Cardinal Council Badge

You may see a few members on the forums with a red-colored variant of the Age IV beta badge. These badges were awarded to members of our Cardinal Council, who have helped to shape the game from its pre-beta days. Council members can choose between the red and blue badges to display.


Thanks but I just can see “INSIDER” icon :frowning:


If it won’t show up log out and then login again. That should fix it


Thanks Thanks for the INSIDER icon yea!


thanks for the advice, it was done

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got mine! nice nice!

Thank you guys! looks great :slight_smile:

Thank you very much guys! :slight_smile:

Thanks !!! Awesome !!! :blush:

thx that did fix it :slight_smile:

Just checking if mine is here

sweet thanks for the badge

Woohoo! Thank you, team!

I’m here for my new Badge.

It doesn’t show up in the Badge list.

Does not show up in my badge list either

Hi, I can’t see insider badge icon .
I try to log out and log in, but this not fix it.

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Thxs! I’ll like it o3o

Still waiting for mine too.

Edit: It’s working now, had to relogin!


:heart: Love it ! Thank you.