AoE IV Campaigns and PvE Content

When will new campaigns or at least PvE missions be added to AoE IV? AoE II is still getting campaigns added which is amazing, but will this ever happen for AoE IV?


I suspect later in the year a proper DLC will come out. :slight_smile:

if AOE4 gets 2 civs in a year, it will lose players, as it is taking too long.

AOE2 gets the Roman DLC, basically implementing AOE1 to AOE2 this may.

But AOE4? Nothing…

Not even a roadmap.
They know it is not getting good reaction from players and lots of them are leaving including streamers.


If they implemented AoE 2 in AoE 4 it would be great!


Agreed. The two free civs last year seemed like a desperate move but IDK. People have been claiming the game is dead for a long time but I think they’re just being overly dramatic.

That many AoE2 players don’t want, at least here on the forum. I’m sure it will still sell well enough but most wanted a proper DLC. This DLC really isn’t even aimed at AoE2 players.

It is May. 2023 is still fairly young. FE has been hiring since last year for AoEIV specifically. But yes, the game is in dire need of content.

I can’t speak for the streaming side of things and I barely check AoEIV on steamdb to get a sense of how healthy the playerbase is but I have noticed a lot of frustration expressed regarding a lack of content. Relic does seem to go at a snail’s pace. How long did it take them to add color picker?

If no proper DLC is released this year I’d be concerned.

As for roadmaps, they’ve all been rather disappointing for the DEs’ AoE2’s is mostly filled with fluff and AoE3 is mostly just a copy-and-paste job until it isn’'t. World’s Edge needs to work on its communication. Isn’t a roadmap for AoEIV planned for May? I don’t know anything about this season stuff they go by.

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What content?

Speaking of, if PvE is why you’re playing AoE, why aren’t you playing and shilling AoEO? It’s got more PvE than the rest of the series put together lul

FE is busy on AoM Retold, I doubt they can release anything for AoE 4 until October…

Ummmn that’s why I said later in the year

FE has its hands in every game. I don’t know how they do it.

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The two new civs seemed to me like part of an initial contract calling for a released game plus some amount of post launch development including at least one expansion with two civs.

I have no idea what the contract says, and it’s possible it calls for more. I sort of would expect they’d contract for at least two years of post-release development with two DLCs (Fall of 2022 and 2023). But the lack of roadmap makes me wonder.

I’ve lived in this community for almost 25 years, and the mood in the air very much reminds me of the end stages of active development for both AoEO and AoE:Castle Siege.

You can kind of feel when things are slowing down.

Another possibility, which is more optimistic, is that MS may slide Forgotten Empires into a more active, hands-on role. That could also reconcile what appears to be some rather quiet months from Relic.

I assume it would be very possible to continue churning civs out for sale every so often, but again, I’d kind of expect more hints being dropped. I don’t recall seeing a single thing ever since this past fall hinting at more civs.


Plausible. The selfish side of me would rather FE continue to concentrate on the DEs and AoMRE instead of playing a far more active role in post-launch support for AoEIV. But they are actively hiring for AoEIV as shown in the linked twitter post. Don’t know how much they’ve expanded since then or plan to.

I really want FE to keep on going with 3DE but according to a 3DE dev many of them have now shifted over to “that other game” so things are kinda dicey. FE is already juggling basically everything not named AoEO so I figure something has to give eventually. Still, 3DEs steamdb is quite active with many suspecting a DLC might be on the way.

As for AoEIV It would be interesting to see what FE can do with the game if Relic is nearing the end of its contract. It would be a heavy price to pay for some of us but understandable considering the success of AoEIV and being the newer game and all.

AoEIV has been successful enough to receive years worth of support. I just can’t see them giving up on the game after just 2 DLCs, one of which was free.

I’ve been around for as long as you have and I do get what you are saying. The communication has been rather lackluster for all the games. People are growing impatient but I’m not at the point where total doom and gloom has set in with regards to AoEIV anyway. The only reason why we know the 3DE team is now working on AoMRE was from a dev driveby in Discord. Yet we’ve had two updates this spring so IDK. Things are rather confusing.

AoEIV could really turn things around and get me to install it after over a year but I still wouldn’t switch from 3DE and hopefully AoMRE. I hope World’s Edge realizes a lot of folks are gonna stick with their preferred game no matter how good AoEIV might become. I’m just waiting for the motivation to try it out again because despite the support it has gotten I just can’t muster enough interest to see how things are now with my own eyes.


Yes, everything can be… at least I expect dlcs until at least 2025, but I’m pessimistic…