AoE IV download size is huge

Today I was going to get it through Game Pass for PC, but the size it requires is too huge, an big amount of 218GB of space needs to be available. OMG!

The intriguing is that on Steam it requires only 50GB of space available. Then I was thinking the Game Pass download also comes with UHD textures bundled, right?

But, can we download the base game files, without the extra textures?

Its 200 only with the 4K UHD Movies, otherwise both Steam And Ultimate PC are the same size. (I’d rather have the movies in 4K UHD though)

On the AoE4 subreddit one of the devs said that Game Pass requires that you have the total amount of free space required for the game with all optional DLC and languages, but it doesn’t actually download it all unless you ask it to.

For me it only takes 35GB after install.

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Stolen from noobie123 on Steam:

“looks like the default option is include 4k and HDR assets. you need to select the regular AoE4 option from the bundle with 4k to get it to a ‘normal’ size”

does the 4k video pack actually change any of the in game graphics, or is it literally just the in game videos?

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Nice to hear/read that. 11

Only 80% positive reviews

Only 80 percent?

Yes. only 80%

I meant that 80 is a lot.

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I would also like to know this. Does it affect gameplay in a skirmish for example?

The 4K HDR pack is only for the movies and there are quite a lot of them. They look super sharp with vivid colors. Feels like a History Channel episode alongside each campaign mission.