AoE IV is this photo seems to relic style capture points?

they are capturing a point?
(from the aoe4 behind the scenes video)


Looks pretty COH’ish indeed… I hope it is not what it looks like…

can’t wait for the new generals thing…

yayyy and here is another reason why i will pirate not buy the game.

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I wouldn’t panic much just yet. For all we know, it may end up being an Empire Earth 2 style thing. You know, take over state lines and stuff. Which would be pretty cool.

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I hope so,uhm ok not panic

State lines? What is that exactly?

Hope they will add true vision, weather and object blocking weapon projectile from COH. Loved the amount of realism it added to the

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Well Relic is known for loving their ctf systems in rts games, for example in dow the mission points, partly energy points and relic points, as well as strategic ones. Well made they actually add a lot to the game and force the players to play more aggressive, if you hide behind your walls or bunker in you base, well you will end up losing in sooner or later. The enymy will have more resources and really powerful units.

I won’t say that this doesn’t fit into AoE, I mean we already have similar stuff in age 3 and online, but it fully depends how they implement it. I think strategic points which are giving you some benefits, like a special tech or access to a special unit, increased stats,… could make many games more interesting. On the other hand it would eliminate a bunch of strategies, 'cause you might feel or actually are forced to take the point.
I think they could be well used for the late game, when certain resources are running out, especially gold and stone, just like the trade routes in age 3. Or if they implement the great feature of the hometown from age 3 (and more or less online), but much enhanced, that they grand additional points to get the needed points for ordering the shipments/delivery from home or that those are just arriving sooner.

I am really looking forward and immensely curious what game mechanics AoE 4 will have.

It would be a very big mistake to simplify AoE2 formula.

For very odd reason modern RTS design is driven by minimalism. CoH Capture Points and Starcraft/Warcraft Expansion Locations work only because the units are compensating, the resulting lack of base build. But AoE is a base build game.

It does already definite to have each time very similar experience.

Look at AoE3:
You are always at same location, you have to follow always same route,
Ok lets move to the road and along the road are the 6 points to capture.
Obviously between location 3 and 4 are going to be the main battles.
Just build your blob of units and destroy enemy main building.
You know where it is, you know where to go.

let’s compare it to Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, is there any difference ? Sure developers had there some ideas, but it all is just keep units between 3 locations or destroy 1 slow moving unit.
And worst part, that big slow moving unit has to be next to resources, you can’t miss it.

Or take Company of Heroes 2 , Its exactly the same.
Control 3 points on the map or destroy enemy base corner that consists of 3 or 6 buildings.
You know exactly where enemy did put his buildings, they can be only in his side of the corner.

Problem is, Capture Points and Expansions make the game very boring,

-it diminishes or even takes away completely Base Siege Mechanics.
as you have to be focused to control the battlefield.
-you don’t have to longer plan where to position your buildings and units,
as it is already definite for you.

It’s not good to make an RTS game too predictable.


Just think of it, sure AoE3 is in Napoleon Time, COH in WW2 and Homeworld: DofK in future, each game has own ideas, still the very same gameplay experience is presented.

Do people really need another game where you move a blob of units between 2 or 4 points of maps center? AoE4 should be taken as the opportunity, not to make just another average.


Empire Earth 2 had each map divided into territories, which you took control of by building Town Centers. This gave you various bonuses, like being able to build certain structures, as well as some passive stuff for troops I think. It was honestly a pretty neat system.

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This, yeah. AOE 2 DE was released for those of us who cherish the original systems. AOE 4 is meant to be the experimental trip. Which is just as well. We’d all be mad if AOE 4 was nothing but AOE 2 Rehash.


Did we not have enough inconsistent designs? Look at the ratings of:

Warcraft III: Reforged, worst rated game on Metacritic,
with over 12,825 dislikes, due to lack of content.

Its not like an AAA “Blizzard” thing,
even A Year Of Rain as indie title has abysmal ratings

Check the last game of Relic, DOW3 worst rated RTS on Steam
with over 8,844 dislikes, due to bad gameplay and lack of content.

One by one RTS games do flop harder and harder, while people write same feedback as ever.

Its not a thing of “experimental trip” or “Rehash”, its simply this inconsistency you always have with games these days. Developers these days just don’t understand the consequences of gameplay elements they do put together.

Yes, lets have Age of Empire Units in Company of Heroes maps. Great combination of boring maps and units. The fun part of CoH are the abilities, the fun part of AoE are the maps, base build and good economy. And just because you would combine 2 fun parts, it won’t mean you make fun game.

You can’t simply go ahead and mix a Tactical Strategy with a Base Build game. CoH is a small scale game where you have time to check each unit, AoE is large scale RTS that requires mechanics to lead large armies.

You have to balance the gameplay elements. To create an Experience of a consistent mechanics.

They won’t try a territory control system again, they aren’t naive. The game just wouldn’t flourish because people want traditional RTS back now, not yet another butchering of the genre. Look at AoE3, how many people play it? Not that many. Even look at CoH2, not that many players (luckily they gave it for free twice on Steam so it had a boost but still few players). Same with Homeword Deserts of Kharak. Other mentions in this thread like EE2, seriously? That game barely took off and is now in the grave. Even if some of those aren’t bad games by any means, the RTS traditional elements are not fully there, you can’t have attractive matches like in AoE2, SC, some C&C titles where you aren’t restricted in base building or rely on a territory system.
Yes, they will bring new elements and will be a different game compared to 2, but they will go back to traditional RTS in my opinion.

I think they will bring AoE3’s trade post system.
Well it is a nice detail in aoe3.And if aoe4 will become very very very different game,go on play aoe2(:

I hope it just shows tower range
Capture points suck …

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I would say problem is rather their lack of experience with Traditional Base Build RTS games.
They just never made one.

Relic made, so far I remember mostly Unit Squads tactics games. There are a lot of things that just do work completely differently, if we compare Company of Heroes and Age of Empires.

Apparently there do exist now only 2 functional formulas for Strategy games.

  • Base Build RTS, focused on big army control and flourishing economy.
  • Unit Managing Real-time tactics, focused on handful units and their abilities

It’s big a design mistake for a Base Build RTS to create a point where people have to focus their attention. So I am very concerned for the Result.


for all we know, it could be a game mode as well.

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i agree.and i hope so.
my a lot of friends love ancestors legacy.bcs they don’t have a brain :weary:
make a game mode with point capture will show them that the ancestors is bad :sunglasses: