Aoe IV Japanese Speculaion

I like made speculation for fun, so, maybe this one gonna be the first of many post of this topic. I sincerely believe that the Japanese are the most likely civilization of Eastern Asia to enter after China and Mongolia, I have other preferences to see before, but it seems important to me anyway. In principle, you have to see what feudal Japan was like, to see how to translate it:
-The feudal Japanese had their nation divided into a series of fiefdoms dominated by clans whose leader was a warlord named Daimio. Its economy was based on the cultivation of rice, fishing and purely maritime trade with neighboring nations.
-In war they stood out for the belligerence of the samurai, a warrior social class trained in martial arts based on the use of weapons. The ranks were swelled by the Ashigaru, peasants who were supplied with weapons and equipment to go to war, initially they were not paid and they took everything from looting. Shields were not widely used in medieval Japan, nor were crossbows (for native production issues) beyond ballistae that served as artillery.

Civilization bonuses
-Every new town center spawns a Cherry Orchard (count as berry bushes).
-Villagers gathers 15% faster from berry bushes and 15% slower from animals.
-Fishing Ships gather 5% per age (starts in first age) to a maximum of 20%.
-Military buildings cost -30%.

Unique Buildings
-Shrine: Structure that attracts animals and generates gold according to the amount it has attracted, each sanctuary supports a limit of animals. Avialable in first age.
-Dojo: Military structure that train units from the barracks, archery range or stable free but at verry slow time.

Unique Units
-Samurai Cavalry
-Nihon Maru
I could mention more units, but many of them are simply a reskin of others or carry a specific name to denote that certain bonuses and technologies affect them.

To age II
Heian Palace: Acts as a town center but 50% faster in everything and shoots an aditional arrow.

Tori Gates: Heal nearby units.

To Age III
Rokuonji Temple: Acts as a x3 full animal shrine and can garrison one relic to produce 50% more relic gold.

Himeji Castle: Strong fortress, can train samurai units 50% faster.

To Age IV
The Shogunate: A verry strong fortress, elevates the Daimio limit in one and trains it 100% faster.

Capital (E.d.o) Palace:* Reduce the cost of every tech in 20% and gain acces to the next technologies: Naval reforms, Shogun

Every time the Japanese advance to the next age gains a clan alliance, every clan provide their own bonuses but it makes it impossible to ally with the other options of the same age.

Age II
-Archers +1 of damage.
-Archery range works 10% faster.
-Allow the recluitment of samurai archer (archer with more armor).

-Ships gains 15% more hit points.
-Fishing ships and trade ships moves 20% faster.

-Ashigaru units -20% cost.
-Ashigaru units +10% hit points.

-Stable units and Yabusame Samurai gains 10% hit points.
-Stable units and Yabusame Samurai moves faster.
-Stable units and Yabusame Samurai -10% cost.

-Monk automatically upgrade to warrior monk, a infantry monk with naginata (canty cavalry pole-arm).
-Unlocks recruitment of Naginata Samurai (Anty cavalry samurai).

-Katana samurai gains 15% more hit points.
-Katana samurai gains +2 attack.
-Katana samurai -10% cost.

Age IV
-Artillery siege units deals 20% more damage.
-Artillery -25% cost.
-Artillery +1 range.

-Allows the recruitment of T.a.n.g.a.s.h.i.m.a samurai.
#################### units +1 range.
#################### units +3 of damage.

-Allows the recuitment of No-Dachi Samurai.
-Infantry gains charge damage bonus.

Well, is time to start talking about the roster (some units are clan options exclusive):
-Yari Ashigaru: A sperman reskin. Age I
-Katana Samurai: Replaces the man-at-arms, have less armor but high attack speed. Age III
-[Uesugi Naginata Samurai]: Anty cavalry samurai. Age III.
-[Date No-Dachi Samurai]: Samurai with melee area of damage. Age IV.

Archery Range
-Ashigaru Archer: Archer reskin. Age II
-Samurai Archer: Archer with more hit points. Age III.
-Yabusame Samurai: Horse archer with a little bit higher armor. Age III.
-T.a.n.g.a.s.h.i.m.a Ashigaru: Handgunner reskin. Age IV
-T.a.n.g.a.s.h.i.m.a Samurai]: Handgunner with more hit points. Age IV.

-Ashigaru Horseman: Reskin of the Horseman. Age II.
-Samurai Cavalry: Cavalry with lower charge attack and armor than the knight, but faster attack with sword. Age III.
-Daimio: Similar to the Khan but in melee. Nearby units gain speed and damage.

-Monk. Age III
-Warrior Monk

-Shinobi: With a lot of melee attack, a short range shooting attack every 12 seconds, with the ability to scale walls and enter in stealth mode.

Siege Workshop
-Kataparuto: Mangone reskin. Age III.
-Cannon: Bombard resnkin. Age IV.
-Bo-Hiya: Soldier with roket launcher. Age IV.
-Ōyumi: Springard reskin. Age III.

-Fishing Boat
-Transpot Ship
-Trade Ship. Age II.
-Kobaya: Archer ship with less hit points than other, but shoots two more arrows. “Simple archer ship, with very few protections but with a deck that allows shooting more easily.” Can be upgrated to T.a.n.g.a.s.h.i.m.a Kobaya with a unnique tech.
-Bune: Slower springard (or Ōyumi) ship, but with more hit points.
-Nihon-Maru: Slower artillery ship, but with more hit points.

-Bushido: Military buildings works 15% faster.
######### parachute:* Inflatable cape like a parachute, which protects from arrows from behind. Gives +1 armor against missiles to samurai cavalry.
-Atakebune: Bunes now shot arrows in short range betwen ballista shots.
-Naval Reforms: Kobaya of Archers upgrate to Kobaya of T.a.n.g.a.s.h.i.m.a
-Feudal Clans: Villagers works 15% faster in rice farms.
-Kami Celestial: Temples with relics and shrines produces 10% more gold.
-Hermit Of The Mountains: Monk and Warrior Monk with 20% more hit points.
-Shogun: The daimio becomes a Shogun, gains more armor and double range aura.


Much of this was in AoE3, I don’t think they will give any civ that many unique units.

Also the Ottomans already have a “dojo” like building so its unlikely they will include it with the Japanese.

I liked the idea of choosing a clan apart from the landmark though.

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bro there are so many units where are they going to put them in archery training window for example

I know the Ottomans already have, if that occurred to me a while ago and then I did not change it. Actually, what I see as more realistic is the clan system and if it reaches the final version, with that I’ll be served.

There may be many, but the grace is that many are only accessible through certain clans. I recognize that in a more realistic version, the clans could simply give bonuses and nothing else. Also, things like the Ashigaru are nothing more than a rename.

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I think an Age 2 TC landmark is probably way OP. There is a reason the English don’t get theirs until Age 3.


I want to see japanese clans added and having interaction with them like choosing the clan at start of game and resulting bit different things from other clans.

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I feel like you just copy pasted a load of things from both aoe3 and TW:shogun, and now if any of those things turn out to match, you’ll take credit

But you’ve thrown so much out there it’s impossible for nothing to hit

The civ is OP in way too many areas, from water, to feudal TC

And there’s simply too much here to actually say what will work


Indeed, all the clan alliance bonuses are directly copied from TW.
First Landmark choice also makes the TC mandatory.

Feels a little out of place after we already have the military schools for Ottomans.
Also the sanctuary doesn’t really have a place in AoE IV as it had in III, mostly because Rus will likely obliterate any Japan player, due to hunting being mandatory. That isn’t exclusive to Rus, counterplay is way too easy as Age IV maps don’t have as many animals per map as AoE III had.

Those bonuses sound extremely bad. Why 15% extra gather rate from berries with a trade off?
Abbasid and Delhi can gather berries significantly faster and also just harvest from animals at a normal rate.
Fishing ship bonus doesn’t offset this, as it is too weak.
Military buildings cost -30% is currently done with Ottomans, sure it doesn’t have to be exclusive, I just find it rather unoriginal.
Maybe have them train units in batches of 2 or 3 instead? There are a lot of ways to play this a little bit more creative.


hehe, yes, my inspirations are somewhat obvious and about taking credit, not at all, the idea of the clan system and other details had already been proposed by someone else in another post, I just wanted to expand it.

I recognize that I aim very high in some things and quite low in others, these are things that I will take note of in future posts.

With all the feedback, i think in the future i gonna make a second try for the Japanese (trying to be more realistic), but actually i have other Civs in mind.

Next Civ: The Mexica Empire

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