AoE IV news in upcoming July event?

Can we expect some update, screenshots, artwork in upcoming event? I know it’s console focused but no harm in dropping an update about AoE IV

This game deserves grand treatment from Microsoft


Keep an eye on the official Age of Empires social media channels the week leading up to the event. So far there has been no indication of any Age of Empires announcements this summer.

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Look at other xbox game studios,they don’t tweeting about show,it isn’t special for aoe
Show date is july 23rd btw

At least I expect some Age of Empires 3 DE Gameplay.
If they show us Aoe4 Gameplay at the Xbox Event, they possibly try to keep it secret as long as possible.


remember 2019
june 2019 aoe2 de
november 2019 aoe4

look at 2020 now
july 2020 aoe3 de???
digital gamescom(august) aoe4???
digital x020(november) aoe4???

so probably we’ll see aoe3 de in this show.but im not sure about aoe4