AoE IV Passion;- New Eras and Realism

I will suggest the development team of AoE to add modern eras of 20th and 21st centuriesjust like in Rise of Nations. At least if the future AoE include minimum eras of WW1 and WW2 it will be awesome. Because several upcoming rts are being based on WW1 and WW2 eras. The only thing I suggest to AoE development team is to market their future AoE intenstively just like other rival rts world and this future marketing must shows AoE world war eras. Then Iam will be ■■■■ sure that AoE IV will dominate the World Wars rts industry!!!.
I had a concern regarding AoE future. It will be a biggest mistake if AoE IV turns out to be a futuristic, fantsy, turn based, warhammer, or C&C type rts!!! This will be a great blow for AoE IV futrue because there are tons of futuristic, fantsy based rts out there!!! AoE franchise is currently the only franchise which is based highly realistic and higly constructive rts!!! AoE is the counterpart of RoN!!!
Although I had only over the recent years came to know of AoE by playing AoE III and the rest of its expansion packs I don’t know and I’m not intrested in previous AoE parts like AoE 1, 2 and AoE II defeinative edition!!!