Aoe IV Patch Notes

These were the publicly available patch notes for the stress test.
I don’t agree with them being removed as patch notes are important information for players.
Hopefully this will provide useful reference for discussions or just generally inform you about the game’s mechanics.










Interesting points to look at:

  • Trebuchets have terrible accuracy when attacking units (25%). You’re much better off using springalds to snipe other siege/high value targets. Plus springalds now do +20 more dmg to other siege, they’re like cheaper culverins!

  • Stone wall towers are incredibly good at defending you from siege as they are automatically mounted with Springalds.

  • Chemistry is no longer a barrier tech to gunpowder units. Instead, gunpowder units are automatically unlocked upon aging up to Imperial age. Chemistry now provides +20% damage to gunpowder units instead.

  • Ranged units used to be a counter to siege before this patch. However with the current changes, even with incendiary upgrades they do minimal damage to siege.

  • Nest of Bees were significantly nerfed in both HP and dmg output. Chinese players will now have to mass more Nest of Bees to get meaningful results.

  • Walls are intended to block enemy ranged projectiles. This is quite the buff as raiding archers should no longer be able to attack units within walls (not on top of). However in practice this seemed to not work with archers?

  • Spears seem to have a passive stance called “spear wall” that does extra dmg to charging units. It would be more intuitive if this ability were toggleable/cast-able like with longbowman spikes.

  • Towers, Outposts, and keeps are forced to attack rams when they are within range. This means that you can easily siege these structures without having your infantry shot at if you have a meatshield of rams.


I just want to know why they got rid of the cannon emplacement towers :frowning:

My theory is they felt it made towers a bit too strong.

There’re so much inaccuracy in this note, like cost of Professional Scout or mangonel’s stats, and number of unit speed isn’t even consistent with the ingame values.

I think they are right to remove this, except they should’ve provided an accurate one in the first place…

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Do you have proof of any stats that are wrong?

Only problem i’ve seen here is the math here is wrong.


It could be that they just didn’t properly implement the changes they wanted to. We might see these balance values in a different build.

I disagree with them completely removing patch notes. They could have just made edits to their mistakes.

Good job grabbing all this before they pulled it down!

I disagree with the change to chemistry. It’s a proxy nerf to Chinese and makes bombards come out too quickly.


lol thanks, I had a feeling they’d pull it down (whether that was intentional or not).

Yeah its a weird one for sure. Gunpowder units should be a notable investment for most civs.

I hope in future they make patch notes readily available for people to read like League of Legends does:

It just makes sense if they want this to be a modern competitive RTS.

Sure they will, but beginning with the release build, not beta changelogs :smiley:
Would be way too much to document.

That seems likely but still why did they not rebalance them? Increased price, longer upgrade time or force them to be hard built not upgraded like bombard towers from AOE2 theres plenty of options before resorting to removal.

Besides I thought the general feedback from the closed beta was walls were too weak so a nerf to wall towers seems a bit odd.

Did anybody seriously used Professional Scouts? Thought the consense was it wasnt worth it already in closed. Why nerf it?

Tower and castle should only attack ram when there is no other units in range…

Castle arrow do less dps to ram then to units, it should be logical.

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Yeah thats the point. They want rams to act as a “shield” for your army if you’re sieging.

Then put units into the ram, to give a bonus dps.

But units that are outside ram should die, because they are not protected inside the ram.

A clever move would be to force kick out units that are in the ram, when castle drop boiling oil.

And if fire arrow is reasearched, make the ram and the units burn in the fire of oil. (in pain and suffering)

I don’t understand why they made the change that archers can no longer be tied up in melee and can still shoot their full dps arrows in melee - it just makes the English longbow issue even worse. Like if you manage to get cavalry to tie them up, despite palings, despite their extra range, despite their in-combat, self-heal and you STILL have to get hit by their arrows while tying them up in melee…it’s a bit much.


At the end of closed beta all the high level Chinese players used it. I was using it on mongols too because it gave 10% speed to the khan, but looks like they removed the speed buff entirely now. I assume it may have been very OP on the Rus? But we never got to see it.

What was in closed beta stay in closed beta.

Closed beta rule stil apply.

So i clearely do not know what you are talking about. :rofl:

Agreed, it was such a nice change from only-archer armies that don’t need to be protected.


Almost certain a ton of these changes didn’t actually go through for some reason, specifically TC health (2.4k > 7k) and TC range (10 > 8)


Interesting to see. They may have messed up but didn’t bother because it was such a short stress test.

Curious to see how these numbers change vs the actual release.