AoE IV Scenario Editor in 2021 or 2022?

I am one of the users who loves to use the scenario editor for any AoE, and I was wondering if this AOE was going to include one? and if so, if it would be available at the game’s launch day one or will it be released to Early 2022 consecutively with support for mods. Thanks.


I surely hope it will, and I doubt it wont. i personally think it will also be with the mod support in a huge “from the community” update. But nothing is known yet I think, so waot for the gamescom or release til we know more, I guess

there will be big outrage if it doesn’t have one, believe me.

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I have higher hops that the Scenario Editor will be ready at lunch.
I mean they need to have one to make the campaign in the first place.

Also Company of Heroes 2 and Dawn of War 3 have one so I think that already exists.
I don’t know if they want to make a more accessible version because those Editors are a bit more complicated.

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they sure do.
Age editors can use all the accesability they can get :smiley:
always saw them as a “freebuild” mode as a kid in age 2, so with age 4 seemingly being a BIT more focused on city building, thats just great :smiley:

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The Editor is a double edge sword.
A very accessible editor is often limited and very annoying to use when you want to make more complex things.
But a more complex editor is hard to get into so you might never even reach the point where the simple editor would start to be limiting because you get frustrated.

The theoretical best solution would be two editors but that’s a lot of work.
That is what Portal 2 did. They made a very accessible but limited ingame Map editor but you can also choose to download Hammer Editor and have maximum freedom but a steep learning curve.


I honestly take it for granted that the scenario and campaign editor is present from dayone

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I’m pretty sure there’s only been one game that did not include a scenario editor at launch — Age of Empires Online.

As a proud member of that community, I do not advise they follow that lead.


Seriously AoEO did that? I did not know, hopefully IV does not follow the same path,
I hope the editor is available on day one, I need to break down the game with each unit, building and eyecandy objects in editor one by one

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I swear if they lock the editor behind a DLC

It’s already mentioned on the Store page that editor will be coming in 2022.


company of heores 2 mod support is complete BS … there are no overhaul mod with unit graphics or civs… just bunch f skin mods which just change you unit color, company of heroes 1 and dawn of war 1 had great mods

Company of Heroes 1 and Dawn of War 1/2 were published by THX (rip).
Company of Heroes 2 and Dawn of War 3 were published by Sega.
Sega doesn’t like mods.
AoE4 is published by Microsoft.


I am personally afraid because Relic have created map editors for dawn of war for example but we did not have access to the triggers while it is for me the most important.
It needs a complete editor for the next AOE IV is important because for me without the editor the game will interest me much less.

Their other games are published by Sega.
Sega doesn’t like mods or user generated content that much.

AoE4 is published by Microsoft and they are more open to user generated content.