AOE IV, The in-game Mongolian dialogue should be changed

First of all, I am a Mongolian, and in my opinion, the narrator is swearing way too much when you order the units to do an action, for example, sometimes the narrator says to the units “Zalhuu zolig” and “Muu zolig mini hudluuch”, which means “Lazy ■■■■” and “Move you little ■■■■”. I find this very offensive and a misrepresentation of the Mongol Empire.
Secondly, the unit Khan’s dialogue is wrong, he says “Khatan bi” which means “I the Queen”, and there has never been a female khan in the history of Mongolia because Khan means “male lord”. His dialogue should be switched to “Khan bi” and in a male voice as it is more gender appropriate.


If my country would ever be represented in a game and there was a lot of swearing involved I would giggle and be happy that I’m one of the few who understands it.


When does the Khan say “Khatan bi” by the way? I poked Khan for a while in a game but didn’t think I heard the word male nor female.

I only thought all civ were just babbling nonsense when poked hahaha never knew they were original dialogues/words/phrases of the languages. thanks for the info anyway I wouldnt whine about it, i’d be glad my country was in a game (in fact in aoe3DE you can revolt as Argentina and I am very happy about that)