AoE IV three main considerations

  1. AoE team needs to provide customizational options for choosing graphics settings and details, which will include smooth and quality graphics adaptability starting from AMD R5 M435 and above as possible.

  2. AoE team needs to add the rich, glorious, mysterious and marvellous Gunpowder/Renissance/Da Vinci epoch eras into the game which will define AoE IV of being IV.

  3. AoE franchise till AoE IV needs to be categorized sperately in the rts industry from the micro-managment,turn-based, battle-based and giant battle simulator rts series of Stronghold, Total War, Tropico, Anno, SIM, Civilizations, Warfare, Company of Heroes etc…

Other then the above three are general considerations, which are already very commonly raised on this discussion forum.

  1. They’ll support more low end hardware than AoE3. The engine is better at supporting modern multi core CPUs. But the GPU you listed is very very weak. It has less performance than the one I has in my computer in 2009 (ATI Radeon HD 5670). And I was still going to school and had no income.

  2. Might be the case. If my interpretations of the screenhosts are correct Age 3 looks like AoE2 imperial Age. And they said they want to go into the Renaissance but maybe that’s only in the campaigns like in AoE2.

  3. How can they influence the categorisation? The Game Awards put strategy and simulation into the same category.

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i would like from microsoft to support the people who uses intel hd graphics because a lot of the people who like AOE are old like for me my father is a fan of All age games since 90s and he bought all the copies for the game it would be nice if i bought him AOE IV and he can play it on his pc cuz you know old people are not like us into gaming so please put this into consideration or at least leave the config file open so we can tweak it by our hands :slight_smile:

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An older Intel HD will likely not be enough but a modern Intel Iris Pro or similar can be.
If we look at the system requirements for Dawn of War 3 (the game Relic made before AoE4) it says in the macOS system reqirements that Macs with Intel Iris Pro are supported. For Windows it only lists AMD and Nvidia.

GPU comparison with the recommended GPUs for Down of War 3 and a random Intel Iris Pro from 2016.
This also applies to AMD APUs that are more common in desktop computers.

AoE2 originally run in 20FPS so even if you only get 30FPS it should be playable.
They said that it won’t require highend hardware to run but they didn’t go into details yet.
But you generally can’t expect a modern game to run on a 10 year old mobile or even integrated GPU.
Intel HD from 10 years ago can barely run games from 15 years ago.

  1. Game awards is another stuff, as they are just generalized awarding fps and rts games in a same row and expedition.