Aoe IV Unit & Techs: a comprehensive list

A lot of people have been arguing that civs aren’t unique enough.
This list is an attempt to make all the info about the civs we have currently known.

Unique Units: (this list has omitted semi-shared units, for example: Lancers and Culverin)

Of course uniqueness of civs goes further than just unique unit skins and names. Here is a list of every unique tech that supplements a civ’s playstyle and even adds abilities to units. (notice some civs are intended to be more proficient at things than others)
Unique Techs:

I will make a list of unique landmarks and their abilities later.
If I have missed anything feel free to point that out!


I Am forever grateful for you
By forever I mean for 2 days


I am rather confused about the Abbasids having culverins. I thought they were meant to be HRE unique siege.

They don’t seem to mention it as a unique unit here:

Thank you! A lot to discuss!


The pagoda, village and granary is missing from the chinese.
The HRE is missing the manual repair activate ability

Where’s damage and hp and armor stats after EVERY SINGLE UPGRADE FOR EVERY SINGLE CIV?


no need to be rash. You can add those as well

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You mean the “Fire stations” tech?

now the interesting thing about this is that actually, a lot of upgrades do more than they’re said to.

For example the HRE “two-handed weapons” upgrade not only changes dmg values but also gives your troops +15 hp


I haven’t really touched upon buildings in this list yet.
I’ll deffo do it later tho!

You did a great job and I don’t mean to knock you down but “Landschneckt” made me laugh. You more or less called them “land snails.” It’s Landsknecht. Knecht sharing the same root as the English word “knight.”


lol sorry for the typo xD

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