AOE IV Updates

I’m not sure but I think I’ve been playing AOE IV on the original unpatched version since I downloaded it!!

Currently updating it on the Microsoft store.

I’m going to be blunt. This is stupid. Have the patch update built into the game like a regular company. I literally had to do 10mins of study to find out how to update the game. Which didn’t even fully lead me to the proper way to update the game to the latest patch. I actually figured out the last few steps myself as the instructions given from google searches didn’t actually give the proper instructions in the Microsoft store.

This is a stupid problem to have.

I’m sorry, those of us who bought on steam have had no problems

I was surprised actually. I have xbox pass for Forza Horizon 5 and got it free with xbox pass.

Being an old RTS player from AOM and AOE back with Tutonic knights, I was like “daaaaamn! a New AOE game YAS!”

Still feel the Yes about the whole thing, however I don’t remember problems like this with games in the past.

AOM seems to have had a built in elo system. The game was unbalanced though with Atlantean horse archers comparable to Mongol Mangudai. I feel you could still play through them. Just been so long since I played RTS.

Love this genre as a whole and would really like to see this game do well.

Hell if they were to add civs from past games I bet they’d bring a lot of players here. Give them buildings instead of God powers from AOM and can’t remember what they had for other age ups in the other games.

I’m unaware of any regular company that builds patches into the game. Any game I’ve ever bought that I can think of – large, small… AAA, or Indie… PC or Playstation – has a launch version of their game that you download, and then a patch (or patches) that get applied after the initial game download.

Granted, the application of patches is often/usually automated when you first buy/download the game. If MS Store didn’t do that, it seems strange. And then post-launch, you should, ideally, get auto-patched or at least info saying a patch is available. I don’t know how MS Store works for that, but with Steam and Epic, it’s pretty easy/visible.

For Epic, I turn off auto-patching, though. If MS Store has a similar account setting, you might double-check that yours is on ‘auto’

EDIT: Yeah, I just checked my MS Store account settings, and there is this toggle. Is yours enabled?

I don’t really own any or many games through MS Store, though, so I’m not familiar with its reliability or patch notification mechanisms, etc.

Literally never opened the store app until today

Always go Steam like it was said above

So, you went a whole partial day with the issue? Got it. Your 1st message made it sound like you’ve been putting up with this issue for months and months or since launch and it was the end of the world.

A whole two hours, then? Nice. You hardly missed much.

I’m going to be blunt. If you’re going to accuse a company of not doing something they should’ve done, get your facts straight and give enough key details so readers can follow along like a regular forum poster

Note to self: don’t spend 10 minutes responding to overly pessimistic threads/posts, and keep buying AoE stuff through Steam

Doesn’t the app let you know that there is a mandatory patch that needs to be installed prior to launching the game? If not, then it sounds like a technical issue on your computer specifically and not something that me or other people have encountered.

I’d contact the support of said app for further assistance if you cannot make it to work by yourself.