AoE logic (Towers and Elephants)

Yesterday playing with Sultanate of Delhi, I realized that elephants can shelter in towers. That did not happen in the AoE2 DE, I thought here it would be the same :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Will have plans to change that? :roll_eyes:

Towers and Elephants

if they are considered artillery, they should not be allowed to enter

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I think the same, they should make that change.

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Not the most historically accurate thing I’ve seen from this game, but perhaps it is a design choice to keep vulnerable elephants alive.

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The developper do not care about game, to be acurate whit real life, but they still call it a education tool.

Prety sure that the developper would prefer to add a head elephant out of the tower, then to not allow elephant out of the tower.

If i remember well, one of the presious game added head elephants to the transport ship, when you add elephant in it.