AOE shouldn't be family friendly

Hi everyone.

So, after the new language filter implementation, I’ve began to think that Microsoft idea is tochange the target audience to teenagers. Language filter, no blood, no corpses… I think they’re all mesures to try to appeal toa younger audiences… When we all know that pretty much everyone here is in his late 20’s tolate 30’s. I think the only kid playing this is Lierrey, and it’s cool that that’s the way things are. I line the idea of the game being for adults. Otherwise I’llbe playing fortnite. AOE is losing its identity in order to become family friendly. And the truth is kids don’t play RTS anymore

Plus, i don’t think language filter is a way to deal with racists and other type of bigotry. The most violent insults don’t really on dirty words.

So please, Microsoft, let our 20 year old game be a game for adults. The game itself it’s an adult already


Worst part is that it doesn’t even filter anything relevant, you can still call people all slurs if you want to, you can still be toxic AF by just including spaces or different symbols.

What it does filter however are pointless reactions like wtf wth etc that are hardly used to insult people.

  • For some reason it blocks onager. Was playing coop with people and it kept muting that. Eventually I took to calling them canc3rpults and that was okay apparently…

I think there are still kids discovering the game through their family, but let’s be real, kids always found way to learn slur words anyway…


I agree puritanism and censorship should stay away from the Age of Empires franchise. At this point I have to use mods to add blood so that it becomes a more immersive experience. The original aoe2 made me feel like there was an actual battle and I could know where one took place because there was a pile of skeletons on the ground.

I remember 20 years ago when I was a kid that the average age of pc gamers was 26. I imagine the average age has gone way up since then, especially for niche genres like historical rts.

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My vote: Get rid of the stupid profanity filter. I play Call of Duty and I like to trash talk. You can’t handle it, don’t play video games. Microsoft being politically correct that’s all this is.


Yeah, pretty silly to see that this is what was being “worked on” when nobody asked for it, and other issues were put on the back burner. Kind of reminds me of this video:

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I have to agree with you there! I’ve been playing since I was 5 years old (now 23) with my parents never having an issue with the the corpses, blood, trash talk etc. But they wouldn’t let me play Call of Duty etc for obvious reasons. I don’t see how this game wasn’t family friendly in the first place so why now change it 20 years post its inception!


Agreed. It’s also pointless because kids today play all sorts of other games like CoD where there is profanity everywhere.

Any kiddo with internet can get access to hard core porn and gore videos in 5 minutos. At this point is senseless to censor some animation of decaying bodies or some insulting


I completely agree with the other posters. WE WANT TO SEE CARNAGE! GIVE US CORPSES!

The decaying bodies can be 2d sprites if performance is an issue.

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Did they actually censor bodies? I have not noticed. Dамn

I concur! Bring back blood and corpses as standard! The game is based on war! Death is part of history and makes the battles feel more believable ,realistic and seeing the men you lost in battle carries a weight to it. In turn, to see the corpses of you enemies, sewn across the battle field provides a sense of accomplishment, to see what your victory cost, is a surreal a d highly enjoyable part of the AoE experience.


The best option they have is to make it so that there is an option to disable the profanity filter so that people who want to use it can use it and people who dont wanna use it can just disable it… moreover the profanity filter is just plain annoying as is rn than doing any good because i use a lot of acronyms in my speech (who doesnt?) and i often end up using bbc for bombard cannon and it goes on to censor the ENTIRE sentence… not just that particular word… PLEASE add an option to toggle the filtre for people who dont want it!


I have to disagree, the more people playing this game, the better, but it should have an option to censor this kind of things, so a father/mother can let their sons play with these filters on, but if you are a adult with no problems whatsoever, you should be able to turn off these option, simple as that.


I don’t think that a decaying body or little blood should be censored for a teenager. And neither do I think AOE it’s a game a young kid can play. It’s really complicatedto play in comparison to Call of duty, for example. And the filter… Well, regarding to that, it could be a good thing if it was well coded… IF

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we are reinforcing this habit of “kids don’t know how to play this game” I started playing aoe when I was a kid, and it had and incredible impact in my life, I became interested in history just because of these games, so for me, I would like to meet a kid who told me, “hey, I play aoe too” I don’t mind the blood and the bodies, they were very subtle to begin with, but my problem is the trash talk… well that’s not fair, I don’t mind the trash talk, like saying “you have no chance with those trash units noob” , I don’t mind that, but when they call you “you efing ni…r” for no reason, that’s a problem.


You didn’t understood friend, the complaints have nothing to do with some edaism (and age rating on AoE2DE is for 12yo+ btw). Thing is that the filter is not a option.

Same goes for me, man. But the reality is the type of games changed a lot in 20 years. Whe AOE2 was released, other types of games were being played on pc (sims, sims city, comandos, comand and conquer, heroes III, etc) now at days kids preffer other type of games. Yeah CS was arroud in 2001, but the thing is RTS is a genere played by older people. I’m just saying Microsoft should know its public

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i always snort out my nose when im seeing someone say “add blood this game isnt for kids” or “why must we pay for a DLC with blood” “stop censoring the game”

like how many RTS games are released like this… there is a reason, its just funny none of yall bother to find out what it is, and instead just make an assumption and complain…

Please, enlight us with your information, insider