AOE shouldn't be family friendly

i always snort out my nose when im seeing someone say “add blood this game isnt for kids” or “why must we pay for a DLC with blood” “stop censoring the game”

like how many RTS games are released like this… there is a reason, its just funny none of yall bother to find out what it is, and instead just make an assumption and complain…

Please, enlight us with your information, insider


can you guys please stop with this " insider " label as if we are some sort of evil members? you are acting like we are getting payed or we have any kind of advantage over none-insiders :expressionless: this dude was just a guy who had his own opinion, and you dont agree with his opinion, and also i dont agree with him. wtf does it have to do with being INSIDER xD


parents can buy GUNS for their teenagers in the country that they are running their company in , but seeing corpses and blood in an RTS VIDEO GAME with cartoony graphics makes the teenagers violent. OK SURE xD just man up and say we removed them from the entire game so we can sell our game in china with their ridiculous video game rules instead of SEPARATELY patching it for them
am i making wrong assumption? ok then release a statement about it on one of your social media accounts when you see lots of your players are complaining about it. when you are not addressing an issue and just ignoring it, then we can make false assumptions


Thanks for your reply! I didn’t knew it was for the Chinese market. Anyway, it doesn’t make sense.

And the insider thing… It’s just that pretty much everyone who has that label seems to be a boot-licker, unable to critic anything of a gane that’s far from being working fine (not you, though)

this is what i understand out of it, and aoe2DE is not the first game which refused including blood and corpses in the game ( which was a part of the game in the previous versions of it ) after china’s government set new rules for video games in earlyISH 2019. you can read it here

i might be wrong and maybe they had other reasons for it, but when they are keep ignoring the people and not giving an explanation about it, then i cant think of something else
and you can see some examples of other games in this video:


Bending over to a communist regime? No wonder DE is such a mess.

This just keeps getting better and better!


Again devs obeying ordes from China to get more money, its all about money.


Just make a version for the Chinese market. It’s not that they have to recode everything… Gosh, incredibile


Wish we had the option to have a lot more blood from killed foes.


Kids can and do play. Adults upset that they can’t curse to an unknown audience, just lol. So what if you think all kids should have to hear your poor language just because they can hear it other places. Sure filter should be optional, but rather it be there than not. Keeping game chat clean unfortunately isn’t easy because there’s so many idiots who abuse game chats. Corpses and blood should be optional, but they need it in game because it’s animated and easily age appropriate for anyone that could play the game.


^^^ This.

“AOE shouldn’t be family friendly” Says the person who started playing it as a kid. That’s your problem right there, buddy. If you don’t think kids shouldn’t play a game, boy have I got news for you.

All that aside, MS is not doing this to protect kids anyway, this is very much a marketing strategy. Games rated T and lower sell more than games rated M. MS is not doing filters and hiding blood to protect kids, they’re doing it to sell. If you really think they’re gonna drop both strategies just to please some grown-up kids who think they absolutely must curse online at unknown people to feel validated, well you’re wrong.


I don’t think you should curse online. Neither I created the toppic for that particular reason. I just think that the language filter is a really bad idea. You should be able to report real bigotry and or violence. At the same time you should be able to use all the language. Language depends on context. I’m not against a friendly environment. I’m against this snow flake policy,because it affects both the performance and realism ofthe game.


That’s the internet. It’s always going to be like this.
Isn’t there a report feature?

Show it to the devs and ban this guy. Much better than full on censorship.


Negro isnt ’ poor language in spanish


Software sellers requiring you to be civil online is hardly snow flakey. People can be idiots and adults can act like children. Adults can say some pretty scary things for no other reason that not liking the way another person (kid maybe) plays. Getting upset that you can’t troll people with smack talk on a family friendly game is your problem, and frankly not worthy of much more comment. For all the trash talkers, just get a third party chat solution. Pretty simple.

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“Negro isnt ’ poor language in spanish”

So? Chat filters are not perfect.I I don’t expect them to be, and I suspect they’ll work some of the bugs out over time. Honestly it’s strange seeing grown men worry about not being able to troll and let loose on a family friendly game chat.


Who said it should be?

Options exist for that. They should just give ppl the option to use maybe some kind of password to disable the filter.

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Well China does have like 1.5 billion inhabitants ¯_(ツ)_/¯ But THERE STILL IS BLOOD so obviously it is not about China. Most likely we will see an option to turn it off as in AoE1DE


I barely chat when i play