AoE URL Helper

What’s this? I just found it while I was going through the game files.


Does anybody know what it is?

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It may be the add-on that allows you to link your AoE2 game via a URL so other people can click it to join the game. You see it on twitch streams when streamers are hosting a community game. The viewers can click the link in chat and AoE2 will open and join the lobby.

It’s AoE I.

Sorry, misread. I’m guessing it is the same feature however.


I wonder if there’s a way to confirm your theory. :thinking:

I don’t have the game, but if the lobby is the same as AoE2DE, you could click the copy game link button in the game lobby and post it into a browser URL bar and see if it links back to the game.

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But it isn’t.