AOE1:DE - New Update in the last quater of 2020?


Is there a new update planned this year?
It would really be time again. The game still lacks mandatory updates.

Or do we have to wait again until the middle of next year?

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Really hope so…AoE 1 needs some love too


I hope so too! They shouldn’t abandon the game.
My personal wishes would be:

But many other things should be improved too!


Art of War, Historical Battles, New civs, New Campaigns, New Maps, Better matchmaking, Civ icons, etc…


I also hope there will be at least one last update in 2020.
There are several problems in the campaigns, some of the missions end before reaching our objetive, because the AI ​​gives up.
My personal wishes are the Flare function, and villagers with consecutive tasks pressing shift (like AOE DE2). But this is unlikely.
Remember that there are still no models for the Cheats units, more than two years after the game came out.


And still the Armored Elephant animation glitched, sad.


I hope they lower the campaign difficulty on easy/normal.

I played through the tutorial campaign and had no problems, but then when I tried the first mission in the next campaign (on normal) I got smacked down hard. Even tried lowering difficulty to easy, but still no chance…


Are you talking about that Greek one? Its quite hard indeed but it can be quite easy even with hardest if you rush red with all your clubmen and villagers.


Fixed campaigns


Can we PLEASE have @DmitryO325’s mod (fix for AI resigning in campaigns) implemented officially in the coming update(s)?
That would be really nice!


One last update in 2020 would be nice. At least ONE. We’re in October now, and the year is ending, and yet, more than 3 months have passed since 38862 and we don’t have news on anything AoE1 related :pensive:


If only to fix units getting stuck on everything!!! Going back through the campaigns (Thanks @DmitryO325) with my new gamertag and forgot what a pita the campaigns were where you have a few men that have to get from point A to point B intact because they get stuck on each other, trees, rocks, everything!!!


I created a new mod because the site blocks the ability to change the old one!

This needs more relevance! Thanks for creating a list of suggestions and improvements. I still can’t beat Holy Man on any difficulty :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m almost through Greece and about to have it again. I am hoping I have better luck and will let you know if I find an easier way to get through it.

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Also Crossing the Alps (first mission of Enemies of Rome) is a nightmare mission, but I will upload a “beta” version of an improved campaign “Enemies of Rome” soon in the mod section here. Feedback will be very appreciated.
Only the mission “The Third Macedonian War” gives me headaches, because the AIs are not doing, what I want them to do :smiley: This mission doesn’t require that much changes, but the perfectionist in me wants a somewhat different behavior from the AI :smiley:

Spoiler of the changes:

  • Crossing the Alps should be way better now (brown shouldn’t be hyper-aggressive anymore, orange defends its starting positions and doesn’t move around - and also shouldn’t attack you straight forward, every AI player also no longer places storage pits all over the map).
  • In the Spartacus mission I only changed, that the player starts in the iron age, but therefore with only very few villagers as compensation. The mission is now somewhat easier (maybe a bit too easy?), but I guess less frustrating and less luck based. Starting in the bronze age and you might not be ready for an early attack from post-iron red and you lose - this should be gone.
  • Odenathus against the Persians - I changed here the AI buildorder for the enemy and disabled the harbour for him. In the current official version of the mission he uses a water map AI and spams ships in a small river, which makes no sense on this heavy land map.

I will do the same for more campaigns in the future, but maybe I need several months, because of my job. I’m having the next months not that much time, but we will see! Otherwise I would be way faster.
It would be also easier, if I had access to the .ai and .per files. I create currently own files for the AI, which doesn’t use a special one, because I want to stick as much to the original mission as possible.


Playing with the AI per and strat files I have sympathy for you. I suspect on Holy Man the per for Sumarians is set to Sumarian Chariots and the AI at Super Aggressive, but have yet to mess with them. I may if I get frustrated enough as I am about to start it after another cup of coffee.


Maybe I remember it wrong, but it seems to me, that the AI in the DE is overall more aggressive than in the original game. E.g. the AI in the mission “Crossing the Alps” is set on aggressive for brown and yellow, but the two AIs attack very fast with the whole army. Everytime you hit an unit or building from an AI player, he attacks with almost all of his army. I don’t think this was the case in the original. It’s very hard to figure out, which settings have to be changed in the per file in which way to find a somewhat sweet spot. It’s easy to make the AI hyper aggressive and it’s easy to make the AI not attacking at all, but everything in between is hard to achieve, especially if you want the behavior in a specific way. I guess I just have not enough experience with it at the moment.


I have played original I can tell that mission look bit different and AI was not attacking you like that, it was more like defending specific areas.

Maybe if you could set initial units to guard some specific area this mission would work like it used to work in original AoE 1.


Since I have the original disk with the original files I guess I can bring them up and do a compare to see what is changed. Working on the Achievements Campaign I have 16 of the non-campiagn achievements set spread out over 3 scenarios so far. I took a break and started working on campaigns, since @DmitryO325 fixed some of the campaigns. On the one scenario where I combined Shang Walls and Temples achievements the ai doesn’t build. I found the best medium setting to be no strategy and ImmoblUnitsDiploChange where only the priests are aggressive until you attack and change diplomacy. On the Odd Achievements also a non-AI build I have default strategy and defensive which works okay. I am currently trying to figure out how to transfer ownership and thinking it can’t be done with anything but the wonders, artifacts, ruins, and war chests.