Aoe2 2/3rd Mods unsubscribed

So I recently was playing ranked team games, And people kept dropping out for 4 games in a row. and after such a game, I got banned for dropping(mind you I did not drop someone else did, I got a message someone dropped and, I even chatted with the enemy after the game to confirm I did not drop). Ok, half an hour ban no problem. Next game, I didn’t have small trees on, ok mods were disabled, but classic aoe2 de move, still no problem. I check my mods after the game and I only have 48 mods left(mind you I had around 150 mods total, I play a lot of custom campaigns so such a high number) So now do I Find like all the mods back and subscribe to them? and Can I expect it to happen again and idk write my mod names on a notepad or something or is it a one-time thing? also anyway I can get them back.

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