AoE2 - DE: Bigger mangonel/onager shots

I’ve been watching some videos about DE and i noticed it’s harder to see mangonel and onager shots, they seem much smaller than the original ones. I wish there was an option added to show them bigger on screen so people could have better reactions to them, since sometimes it’s even hard to see where they’re going.

Edit: took the time to get prints to compare (both have chemistry researched)

  • Old onager shots:
  • New onager shots:

You can clearly see how even tho there’s 2 onager shots on the 2nd pic they’re much harder to spot than the one in the first pic, being able to see that in the middle of a huge battle would be almost impossible. (and not to talk about how it’s almost impossible to tell in the new one if it has chemistry or not)


On top of what you said, I think they should add shadow to the onager shot to make it more obvious where the shot is going to land and to just add some realism.


I agree , if I had to nittpick a few complains for DE , the onager shot visibility would have to be one of them , otherwise im overall pretty happy.

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