AOE2:DE causes my system to crash

Hi all,

When I started playing the game the day it came out, it made my systeem reboot after 1-10 minutes of gameplay. No messages, my system just shuts down and reboots. Also, no crash dump. I followed the suggestions on I also tried running the game in windows mode. My CPU did not overheat, I checked.

Yesterday, suddenly the game worked fine, all evening. Today I also played for an hour or so. Then I wanted to play online, ranked. I needed to do the benchmark, did that, suddenly the game crashes again. Note that the first day of playing, I also ran the benchmark to see how my system handels the game. Suddenly, the crashing is back.

Now it seems to have gone again, after I messed around in the graphic settings a little. Does anyone else encounter this issue? Does anyone have a suggestion where I can start to look for the cause. The frustrating thing is, that I have no clue what’s happening. Event viewer doens’t show anything helpful, nor the game.

I wanted to include my dxdiag, but I can’t upload anything and this post becomes too long if I include it. If it helps, please let me know, I’ll post it seperately.

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