AoE2 DE Closing in the middle of the game

I CAN’T play a SINGLE game, cuz every ******* time, in every ******* game, the game just freezes and closes, **** this ******* piece of **** when will the developers fix this ****??? ****


I am having the same ■■■■■■■ problem. Bought the game 5 days ago and haven’t played a single game that didn’t crash/quit on its own. This is a horrible bug for a game which has been in development for such a long time. Hoping not to get too disappointed.


Got the same problem. Really annoying. I found a topic that said the game isnt optimized and thag people with 16gb of ram and even above can crash…


NEVERMIND. its not a ram problem. just tested it. it just freezes and closes…

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Sounds like you’re having the same problem as me!

Are you using a Ryzen CPU? I am trying to figure out why I get crashes but none of my friends do.

I have the same problem. Can’t play because its closes

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I have the same problem and I am outraged. With so much development time the game come with so many problems. Mine is this, the game freezes and closes out of nowhere. I have friends who can’t even spend more than 5 minutes in a multiplayer match.

Victor, my problem is exactly that. I literally don’t know why it keeps crashing like that. Hoping some developer will fix this issue soon, or I will ask for a refund.

Where are u from Lucas? BR ? I managed to avoid this error of the game closing. I’m just with the game open on SO. Discord I am using on mobile. The game never closed again.

Hi Victor, yes I am Brazilian. Are you? :stuck_out_tongue:
I will try it out and then I will let you know. It is very frustrating having this game closing every 10 minutes or so… Btw, what is SO? (sorry I’m a noob)

I just had this problem. I played a game with no problems at all just a few hours ago, and when I reconnected to play a single player match, the game freezed and then closed after 5 minutes into the game.

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Pronto, falemos nossa lingua hahaha’ SO é Sistema Operacional. Tenta rodar teu jogo somente com a steam aberta e o próprio jogo e me diz se funcionou. Abraços.

Yep getting the same problem, though not every game, maybe once every 6 or 7 games… good to know at least it’s not just me, hopefully they will address the issue soon.


Same. Usually happens in late game, sometimes earlier. Not related to number of units, as it can happen when I don’t even have an army (nor does the AI). No sluggish performance or lag - it’s just sporadic.


Just an update, but I’ve tried making sure every app is closed before launching AoE 2 and not alt tabbing during the game and I haven’t had the issue happen since. Could be a coincidence but will continue this method.

I noticed one time I was alt-tabbing while matchmaking and the game crashed silently, so maybe it doesn’t like alt-tabbing / multitasking

Que bom, outro br aqui ahahahah! Cara, não funcionou pra mim. Os crashs são muito aleatórios, tem vezes que eles acontecem em 5 min que começo o jogo, tem vezes que acontecem bem depois… E tem vezes que nem acontecem.

E acredita que agora até o AOE 1 DE não funciona mais e trava??

Oop, nope it happened again just now, freezes for 2 or 3 seconds then disappears back to desktop, no error. I checked windows error log and saw this

Vixe rapaz… Aí complica viu? Bem, após a última atualização o meu veio oficialmente a voltar a crashar, mesmo com discord fechado. Tá complicado.

Sorry for the useless post but for those out there still experiencing game crashes or unexpected closures of AOE2 DE during game play, you are not alone. Fortunately, a lot of really smart guys have started putting together guides to adjust some variables within device manager to fix the issue - I found a semi-complex article from this tech guru the other week and tried his many steps and it WORKED! No more crashes.

…Unfortunately I can’t find his website again. Keep hunting on google.

Just kidding! This really bothered me so I kept looking.

URL Below: