AOE2:DE crashes again

Game Version:

  • Build: current one
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 11
  • Gamertag: what?


Game crashes. Out of the 3 games I played today with today update, the games crashed everytime. Can’t really provide more details as the game just froze randomly and after a while crashed to desktop. THX DE

Reproduction Steps:

Play the game in multiplayer I guess

It also crashes immediately on start or whenever trying to view recorded game with Capture age. Is that a new feature.

Watching this recorded game, it crashes at the end. At the same moment as in actual game.
MP Replay v101.102.47822.0 @2024.06.07 022501 (0).aoe2record (5.2 MB)


The team is investigating a memory leak that causes this kind of issues, thanks for the report and the rec :slight_smile:

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I’ve had the same issue for 3 weeks.

Playing with friends on a quick play, we all crash 20/30 mins in.

Game is currently unplayable

it looks like the player that hits the memory capacity crashes and cause entire game to crash rather than the player themselves


Still crashing , 2 games in a row, cant play the game anymore

Game froze last night same as before the freeze patch last Friday

Here is video showing the freeze:

Hope this gets fixed soon