AoE2:DE - environmental effects

Okay, so to get things out of the way, I haven’t been able to play the game myself yet unfortunately, so I’m basing my opinion on the footage already released to the public in different previews and trailers etc.

Now, my concern I’d like to touch on is of artistic nature. I like the art style and the direction the game is taking in general, a lot even. But one (or rather two) minor things take me out of it, slightly. That is, some movements like the waving of the little flags on towers and walls is so hectic and frenetic, it kinda destroys the otherwise great atmosphere. The same goes for the spinning of the windmills. It seems they’re like modern wind turbines going at Mach 2 or something. So I hope I’m not the only one when saying that I think the game’s look would be improved by quite a bit if those animations would be adjusted to match better into the animations of the other units and surroundings.

I know it’s a rather minor thing, but nonetheless still important to me. Cheers.