Aoe2:de keys cost nothing

Dear all,

why does a steam key of aoe2:de cost 5usd?
Makes no sense to me to release DLCs, if the base game isn’t distributed properly.
No wonder so many players are smurfing.
I even heard from some players that they got their second and third key for less than 2usd, but i can’t find the seller right now.

I won’t post any links to shops.
edit: if the post is a TOS violation, I wish that it will be removed.

I think smurfs use the family share feature of Steam to make alts without paying, but I don’t think FE can do anything about it.


One extreme solution would be to disable family sharing altogether, which Fall Guys did: Fall Guys cheating loophole leads to blanket Family Sharing ban | Ars Technica

At least ranked should be turned off with a family shared account.

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Why? Smurfing is a great way to pratice and to build up a more solid and consistent gameplay. Plus is the only way to play with your friend without them getting rekt.

I agree that the TG ladder is a mess right now. But this is was quite expected since the ladder wasn’t working properly before and it will take a while before it settles again.

You guys don’t need to freak out because of it. If you cant play your elo anymore you can artificially decrease by losing a lot of games or you can always make a new acc to play.

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Many people think like this.
In reality you need 100+ games to get your rating adjusted. And on the way you screw over 100+ other peoples game. And this for 2usd, which is 2 us cents per game.

If you really want to practice, do it like ‘Moonfaller’. He’s a Twitch streamer who queues up ranked, random civ, 1 account. I guess he has like 50 to 60 percent winrate, but he managed to get 18++.

There was one guy in this forum, who commented the matchmaking of his last 50 team games or so. A lot were ruined by smurfs. It’s really a thing.


I don’t quite follow how playing someone much, much worse than yourself is good practice. The way to get better is surely to play people your own level or better.

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It costs 20€ when i open steam

to consolidade and revise fundamental aspects of the game of course.

That doesn’t hold. I don’t know the typical likelihood of a win, when playing against someone >200 points lower than you. But if you do so, basically everything works: Boom, all in, 2 tc fwd, 2tc fast imp…

E.g. you can have a fundamentally terrible dark age and still win against a player >200 points below you.

ihmo the best way to get better, in term of time efficience, is to play against players who are at the same level, or at max 150 points above you.


Is the game that cheap in the USA? In EU it is 20 euro, which is about 16 dollar if i use the right conversion rate.

There are some shady sites at which you can buy the game even more cheap, but they are really shady sites, so i wont really try those.

I bought the windows store version key for 8€.
No “shady” sites, just normal sites that sell keys (very big and famous ones). Now you can find it even for less.

@MBL900 Are you the real MBL who once had 3 accounts in the top 5 on the 1v1 ladder? :clown_face:

you divided instead of multiplied 11

but they work for some reason

Math error aside you know what’s funny? Sometimes the price in Euro is the same (if not higher) than the one in dollar due to VAT taxes and other things.
The sad story of the european gamer.

If VAT on a 4eur steam key is a thing for you… 11

Not on this game obviously :face_with_monocle: