AOE2:DE Load times


It seems like I am the only one having this issue, cuz nobody else is saying anything, so please help me.

I boot up the game, taking about 2 minutes to boot to the main screen, I click single player, and setup my match, I then click play and leave the computer for about 30 minutes, to, idk, eat? yea, eat, sure. I come back the game hasnt lodaded yet >.> excuse me? wtf?

I look up some fixes online, most of them say “allocate more ram to your hard drive” (I did, did absolutely nothing to the load times, you’d think that 16GB of ram on a computer would be enough for a 22 year old game, but I guess not)

I lower the settings, even removing the “better graphics” pack that steam has, nothing changes…

I boot up a multiplayer game thinking that it might be better if there are multiple computers loading the map. I feel sorry for the poor soul that stood there for about 5 minutes before immediately ALT+F4 ing thinking the game wouldnt load.

pls help, thanks.

Does it happen with any other games or just aoe2? If not, try to verify game files integrity on Steam and see if that helps.

just AOE, and yes i verified them

Could be that you have a lot of mods +lots of recorded games
Also if you are on a HDD instead of a SSD then is another reason.

i m on a HDD but thats cuz my SSD doesnt have space

and i dont have mods, no

Uninstall the game, get a new SSD and install it on there. Or delete some stuff from the SSD to make space. What processor and graphics card do you have?

Cuz I have the money for an ssd rn, surely…

Nvidia GTx 1060 3GB (low vram I know, didn’t have issues in gta 5 on high, constant 60fps)
16 GB DDR4 ram
AMD ryzen 1500x CPU

SSDs here are expensive

The specs should be fine. And 16 gb ram also is more than enough. If there was a limiting factor here it’d be the 1500x but also playing on 1080p with standard or low settings you should get your 60 fps with that.

Is it possible for you to at least free ssd space temporarily and install aoe on it to ceck if it solves your problem? I mean long load times sounds a lot like it’s a hard drive issue. It’s obvious that the game needs quite some time to load on a hdd drive but also I didn’t know that it was that bad.

The HDD might be the problem indeed. You should try to install the game on some space of your SSD.

It happen because your game download again all mods. I got stuck one hour yesterday and 2 two days ago.
What you have to do is:
Delete all your log files (error and stats reports) size between few MB and GB
Go in mod setting unsuscribe to all mod when they are all download… Like this you won’t have any more the problem.
Tempory, change the mod json file and set a time of last download time in the futur for each mod. It will crash mod module when it load and you will able to play.

i didnt have mods, i literally had just gotten the game

I m afraid i cant get space in my SSD, any petition to get me one pls? xD

i get 60 fps on GTA 5 on high with this computer, and that first load time is notoriously slow, but it doesnt take 30 minutes ;-;

further info: HDD on idle goes from 7% to 21%, when i open the game its at a constant 100% >.> like bruh wtf

Yes I am talking about the mod install by AOE2DE. You don’t know it but the game install by itself a lot of mod. Go in you setting, mod and see the list of mod that are installed